They are small, slightly larger and thicker than a cat, medium-length hair and silvery gray, darker on the back center, hair almost white limbs, long tail and ringed (silver gray with white or off-white) , and a characteristic black spot of hair that goes from each cheek to each eye, which makes it very recognizable, it seems as if they had a mask. Sometimes they sit on their hindquarters (thighs and buttocks), as do the bears

It is a forest animal, especially near rivers, but also has learned to live in inhabited areas. In the wild eat everything from frogs to fruit, but in the cities and suburbs lay hold dumpsters to eat leftover food thrown at them. Raccoons are nocturnal, have a keen sense of smell and are good climbers.
Compared to most carnivorous mammals, are very skillful with their front paws, which they use to grasp and hold food. The raccoon is sometimes called bear scrubber by the habit of manipulating the food, eg skinning frogs at the water’s edge, which makes it seem that the lava. This action is performed by the raccoon because certain kinds of frogs inflate its body and secrete a poison through their skin to avoid being eaten, which eliminates the raccoon to “wash their food before eating
The name comes from the Nahuatl mapactli raccoon, “that has hands”, due to the already described prehensile ability of their front claws.




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