aoshimacatisland2If you love cats, then you will love going to Aoshima island in Japan. Distrita welcomes you to the cat island, Aosshima in Japan.

The cat island location

The Aoshima island is sitting just outside of Matsuyama city. The connection with mainland Japan is only 2 times a day with a boat, so make sure that you do this on a day that you have little things to do. This island have no vending machines or hotels, so this island is only to be explored island. The experience to see all of the cats here is the attraction itself. There was a camping place, but its closed it seems.

On this island, people are minorities as you only find 22 people living here. The cats number is now over 100. For about 25 years ago, the population on this island had gone under 100 Hidenorki Kamimito he says to

These cats live here peacefully as shown on this video:

aoshimacatisland6Conclusion to this cat article

So. If you love to meet many friendly cats and happen to stay close to Aoshima island. Distrita recommends to take a visit. Cats are social animals you know, so be sure to give them a hug.