Have you ever seen “The bucket list” by Morgan Freeman & Jack Nicholsan? It’s an american movie and totally a hit in 2007. The rating on IMDB is 7.4 out of 10.

I’m an Asian and since it’s our Chinese new year week, I have plenty of time to watch movies. I looked up in the category of “comedy” because I wanted to feel relaxed for our new year, which is as important as christmas! When I saw the trailer of this German, younger boys version of “The bucket list”—-Der geilste tag—-it triggered my curiosity! How come these 2 terminal-stage guys who stay at hospice ward who try to seize the moment before death could fit in “comedy” ?

Bucket List review: It’s funny, touching and breath-taking

After about 2 hours, I gave this movie almost full score. It’s funny, touching and breath-taking views from South Africa.

It’s funny when they fought with each other; when Benno was driving the car then passed out which made Andi scream; and when Benno tried to take his daughter away on his ex-girfriend’s wedding  then Mona told him the one in his hands is not Leni……and the most funny part is when Benno knows Andi is a virgin then two guys have interesting sex experience separately!

Andi is a musician before and he has his own blog. Basically he is kind of geek, he trusted the African boy who sneaked onto their bus. But Benno knows the boy is a thief and he does not trust him.

When Benno went back the place to see Andi and when they both on the rooftop again, see the beautiful sunset, that’s a beautiful moment!

Carpe diem.

I watched it again today and it’s highly recommended! And due to this awesome movie, I found another movie of “Benno” which is about Tourette’s syndrome. Will watch it when I got the DVD then will share with you afterward! ?