The Biosphere Reserve Monarch Butterfly Movement in Mexico

Let’s have a look at the Monarch Butterfly Mexican interesting travel. They travel a lot.

Interesting traveling butterflies

The Biosphere Reserve Monarch Butterfly is located east of the state of Mexico. It is in the Michoacán in the west limits of the state of Mexico, Temascalcingo, San Felipe del Progreso, Donato Guerra, and Villa de Allende the state of México, and Contepec, Senguío, Angangueo, Ocampo, Zitácuaro, and  Aporo the state of Michoacán.

Every year, in late October, can be witnessed in the woods, traveling in colonies consisting of more than 20 million individuals, these beautiful Monarch butterfly wings bright reddish-orange with elegant black veins and white spots on the banks, come to hibernate, draping fir trees and the sky itself with its radiant beauty, giving locals and visitors, a show like no other that is intended to be recorded in the memory of everyone who has the opportunity to see this tour of the Monarch Butterfly, beautiful!