You should know about the biggest malls in Tbilisi if you are going to visit our city.

I am sure you will want to go for a shopping trip, have fun with your friends and eat drooling dishes. Why not visit the place that has all of these in the same space?

Today I’ll be talking about the biggest malls in Tbilisi that you must visit, if you are a shopping lover!

the biggest malls in tbilisi


East Point- One of the biggest malls in Tbilisi

East-Point is one of the newest modern shopping malls in the city, which is located 15 minutes from the city center.

The moment you enter the space the first impression is going to be major, as these huge buildings show how many opportunities there are to have fun and go shopping. 

East-Point is truly one of the outstanding malls in the city with its innovative architecture, unique deals, the best brands with the best service!

Shop, eat and have fun!- there is everything you would need from the mall.

East-Point is so huge that it is no surprise there are so many shops. My favorite thing is how you get to walk outside like in the city lit up with the lights. 

There are more than 150 different brands where any person with any taste can find their style. I truly believe that this mall is the go-to, if you want to have the greatest experience in shopping.

Apart from the shopping, you can have fun with your friends and family in this mall.

My favorite place to visit is the biggest bowling center in Georgia- Lebowski Bowl Club, which is equipped with modern bowling alleys and billiard tables.

Especially for children there is an amusement center Focus Mokus, which is full of attractions and climbing walls. 

For movie-lovers there is the first IMAX cinema in the mall with 10 halls with the newest movies and premieres.

After shopping or having fun at the bowling club it might be a good idea to have a nice meal. 

There are so many options in the food court of the mall that you’ll definitely find something that you love: From Georgian restaurants to fast food, there is everything!

As you can see, East-Point undoubtedly is one of the best among the biggest malls in Tbilisi.

Modernized with indoor and outdoor Shopping. Great for family with children to be entertained while shopping. The amusement rides and games indoor on the bottom floor, food court indoor is limited but outdoors has McDonalds and several restaurants. There’s even a water spray to cool off as the temperatures reach it’s highest. Absolutely a great stop over after work to relax and enjoy the scenery.

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Tbilisi Mall

Tbilisi Mall- One of the biggest malls i Tbilisi

Tbilisi Mall is the first complex in the south Caucasus region with international standards that unite all of the elements of relaxation, shopping and leisure in one space.

It is easy to get to the mall from any location of the city. 

There are 4 floors and more than 250 shops that are known internationally. on the top floor you’ll get to see a movie theatre and amusement center.

Food court is a must to mention as there is a huge variation of popular brand-cafes and underground there is a free 4 floor of parking lot (which is not that common in other countries).

Tbilisi Mall is a great place to have the greatest time, no matter what your age is. 

You can plan your interesting and unforgettable days with your friends and family in this mall, as there is everything you would need to spend your whole day there! 

I would highly recommend visiting this place as it is one of the biggest malls in Tbilisi where you will get to have a lot of fun.

The whole mall was really good Good variety of shops for the whole family A variety of budgets Good variety of places to eat

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Galleria Tbilisi

Galleria Mall- One of the newest and the biggest malls in Tbilisi

This mall is literally located in the heart of the city.

Galleria Tbilisi is a multifunctional shopping center which gave the city a new life and energy.

You can visit this place for any detail- to go shopping, eat, visit amusement places, or just get various services.

The main idea of opening this place up was to help with the tourism in the city, which worked out pretty well!

Similarly to the malls mentioned above, this place also has a huge movie theater at the top floor, which has to be the most visited place in the mall! 

Their food court is another thing to mention as there is a huge variety that it can get complicated choosing one option. 

I would highly recommend visiting this one of the biggest malls in Tbilisi, especially that its location is easily approachable for everyone.

they have everything – for gifts, the Goodwill supermarket in the basement where you can get help with your wine, for food, the food hall on the 4th floor – please try “Mr Cook for your intake of delicious Georgian food – you will not be disappointed!

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City Mall

City Mall is another space among the biggest malls in Tbilisi

City mall is one of the biggest malls in Tbilisi.

What is the best about this space is how it’s located in two places- Saburtalo and Gldani.

Similarly to others, this one has 200 shops, food court and amusement places too. 

In this mall you can also go for grocery shopping in Goodwill which was the first hypermarket in Georgia.

Unlike other malls, it is relatively smaller than the previous ones are, but is totally worth a visit!

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