Located on Harbour Island in the Bahamas, Pink Sand Beach is considered one of the best beaches in this destination and Caribbean in general. With more than five kilometers long, this beach is known for its sandy composition because the fragments of coral and broken shells has a peculiar pink.

By combining the color of the sand with its crystal clear waters, Pink Sand Beach has an attractive paradise appearance visitors also is a beach surrounded by a dense nature where you can enjoy peace and quiet in an environment with an unforgettable landscape .

Pink Sand Beach has a lot of reefs that allow it to be a beach with calm waters and shallow areas where we can snorkel or swim without having to be an expert. Although, if we are experts we can harness the waters of Pink Sand Beach that are considered among the best in the world for diving.

In areas close to the beach will find all necessary amenities like restaurants, toilets, rent centers where horseback riding, snorkeling equipment, agencies conducting tours, etc.