The movie year 2012 is almost finished and we in Distrita want to share some of our opions about it. It has obviously been many good and interesting movies, but also some dissapointing and boring movies. Here is our mini movie guide.

Taken 2, action and excitement from the beginning to end! ++++
The Sapphires
The Sapphires, based on a true story, and much better than “Dreamgirls”! Good actors and a real drama! +++
The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn
The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn, not very much action, a bit boring, at least for not real Twilight fans. +
The Amazing Spiderman
The Amazing Spiderman, a good story and lots of action. +++
Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows, we really like the characters. the first half part of the movie is really funny, and Johnny Depp is amazing as actor! +++++
Dark Shadows
The Campaign, a funny movie, a bit predictable but lots of laughter. +++
The Bourne Legacy
The Bourne Legacy, a bit boring start. The action is coming too late. We had higher expectations after having seen the previous Bourne movie. The motor cycle action scene in the end of the movie is the most amazing during the entire movie. ++
The Dictator
The Dictator, probably the most silly movie of the year. THe Borat concept is used too much and we are bored. +
Total Recall
Total Recall, this is the best action movie of the year! Here the action starts from the very beginning, and it is exciting all the time! +++++
Looper. We don’t understand how this movie has become that enourmous hit! We felt it was a bit boring, especially during the first half part of the movie. ++
James Bond – Skyfall. We had enormous expectations and became very disappointed. The silly enemy caracter feels a bit like the clown in the previous Batman movie. We want the James Bond movies to become a bit more realistic! ++
Argo. A really nice surprise! Argo is based on a true story, and is well made by Ben Affleck. It is easy to cry in the end of the movie. A good quality drama that shows an important history we should not forget. ++++
Hotel Transylvania
Hotel Transylvania. A really funny animated movie, great for the entire family. +++
Batman The Dark Knight Rises
Batman The Dark Knight Rises. This is a great end for the Batman movies! ++++
Ted, a funny movie that is difficult to hate. +++