There definitely are way more than 9 bars with live music in Tbilisi, but as always we chose the best ones for our readers.

9 bars with live music in Tbilisi

There are many places for entertainment in the city, but the most popular ones among all of them have to be bars that are always full on weekends. However, it is still very hard to find a place where they offer more than just social relations and alcohol.

If you are a music lover and enjoy live concerts, then you should visit these 9 bars with live music in Tbilisi. You will get the chance of listening to the talented Georgian artists and musical bands, you might even find your new favorite musician.


Every generation of Tbilisi love Vake Park- the park is located in the center of the city where you can have a nice walk in the nature. But only some of the visitors know about the existence of a great bar- Backstage76 in the park. There are two separate stages in the bar where artists can give performances without genre restrictions.

Backstage76 is a space not only for well-known musicians, but also for beginner artists too, that is why you might be able to discover new music or unknown artists in the bar.

For their great policies and environment, Backstage76 is one of those 9 bars with live music in Tbilisi that is worth visiting.

A place where Tbilisi musicians receive a platform for self-expression. You can get to the concert almost every day. Nightlife can also cause questions from a person who read in the Guardian or somewhere else that Tbilisi is directly a branch of Berlin in the Caucasus. As for me, this is the best city for clubbers in the whole region.

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  • Address: Vake Park underpass, Tbilisi
  • Hours: Everyday except Monday 5 PM- 12 AM
  • Contact: +995 597 58 75 09


If you are a rock music lover than this place is for you: you will get the chance of listening to amazing artists in the nicest atmosphere only on the weekend days.

In 2019 they closed their season during summer period and opened up again in September. I would recommend checking whether they are open or not, if you plan staying in Tbilisi during summer-time.

For rock music lovers Bari-Barshi is the place to go for, that is why I included the space in the best 9 bars with live music in Tbilisi.

Popular Georgian band LOUDSPEAKERS playing in Bari-Barshi
  • Address: 9 Geronti Kikodze St, Tbilisi
  • Hours: Everyday 6 PM-1 AM
  • Contact: +995 591 99 72 67

Jazz Cafe Singer

You can already understand from the name that the bar is for the Jazz music lovers. The bar is located in the old part of the city, where live Jazz music performances are given almost every day.

You might also like the place if you are a fan of a movie “La La Land”, after visiting you will get to answer your question on why Sebastian loved the genre so much. Humor aside, Jazz Cafe Singer without a doubt is one of the best 9 bars with live music in Tbilisi.

I’ve been here so many times on multiple occasions, music is great specially if you have a taste for #jazz, customers and staff are good, food is good as well and the price is reasonable.

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  • Address: 8 Sioni St, Tbilisi
  • Hours: Everyday 9 AM- 1 AM
  • Contact: +995 595 05 40 25

Canudos Ethnic Bar

Located in Samaia garden, this place is one of the best known bars in the city, which is very popular among tourists too. Canudos Ethnic Bar is always full with people, especially on weekends. Their interior is another thing to talk about which reminds me of Tibetian culture. Thanks to amazing music and great atmosphere that people often stay there till the morning.

For its uniqueness Canudos Ethnic Bar is one of those 9 bars with live music in Tbilisi.

When we found this place we were kinda surprise how popular and big outside it is as the photos didn’t show that. The atmosphere was party even though it was a weekday. It’s one of places I would visit again when in Tbilisi.

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  • Address: Mikheil Javakhishvili Str. 2 Samaia Square, Tbilisi
  • Hours: Everyday 3 PM- 3 AM
  • Contact: +995 598 26 26 70


Learn more about Politika

“Politika” is located on the Agmashenebeli avenue, next to the Tumanishvili theater. They offer electronic music sessions with the live performances of Georgian bands and solo artists; Luckily, they do not have any restrictions on genre choices.

 I should say few words about their menu too- their food surpasses the mediocre level of meal preparation you would expect from the typical event spaces.

For these reasons, Politika has an honorable place in these 9 bars with live music in Tbilisi.

  • Address: 164 D, Davit Aghmashenebeli Ave, Tbilisi
  • Hours:Sunday through Thursday 12PM – 2 AM, Friday and Saturday 12PM – 03AM
  • Contact: +995 555 12 55 65, Website

Creator Bar

One more space in Tbilisi where live music performances are given almost every day which gives it the advantage of being in my list of the 9 bars with live music in Tbilisi. If you love attending to the live performances of local rock bands, then you have to visit Creator Bar, drinks are cheap and the place is super cozy.

If you spontaneously decide to have a nice evening out, then Creator Bar is the go to.

Got there by chance, actually. We were searching for a bar and here we go. But once we stepped in.. it is so fun!!! The band were playing Rock n’ Roll, everyone was dancing :)) But the most important – atmosphere! It was superb. Interior is also amazing and very detailed :) Probably one of the best bars we have been at. Ever, I must add.

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  • Address: Ivane Machabeli Street 10, Tbilisi
  • Hours: Everyday 6PM-4AM
  • Contact: +995 577 52 88 18


The coziest interior and with the outdoors space is promised when you visit Saelcho. The bar hosts several events with different conceptions every month- live music performances are in that list too. You should expect exceptional food, friendly staff and home-like atmosphere while visiting this space.

Friendly atmosphere, warm hospitality, delicious healthy cuisine, pleasant music creates a good mood … A place that you want to visit many more times.

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This place is worth visiting as it holds its top place in the list of 9 bars with live music in Tbilisi.

  • Address: Paolo Iashvili Street 20, Tbilisi
  • Hours: Everyday 9 AM-12AM
  • Contact: +995 577 99 94 09

Old School Bar

This place is one of the newest entertainment and cultural spaces in Tbilisi, located in the historical building of the first wine factory. The place unites vintage shop and a bar where terrace as well as the inner space is available for the visitors. Interior is worth mentioning, as the design resembles aesthetic of 60’s. In Old School Bar live music performances are given quite often, where you might be able to find artist singing in your favorite genre.

For everything that the bar offers, it would be unfair not mentioning Old School Bar in the best 9 bars with live music in Tbilisi.

  • Address: Petriashvili Street 1, Tbilisi
  • Contact: +995 598 24 00 94

Hard Rock Cafe

Learn more about Hard Rock Cafe Tbilisi

Well, I am sure you have heard of this place before, as Hard Rock Cafe is one of the best known bars in the whole world with its huge history. The space was opened in Georgia in 2016. Hard Rock Cafe screams live music with its conception. You can attend to the amazing live performances in the interior inspired by rock’n’roll style.

It would honestly be funny if I did not mention Hard Rock Café when it comes to 9 bars with live music in Tbilisi.

If you would taste the most deliciuse burger in Tbilisi exactly you must visit Hard Rock Cafe. And also they had live music at the weekends.

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  • Address: 1 Vasil Petriashvili Street, Tbilisi
  • Contact: +995 322 40 14 01

These were the best 9 bars with live music in Tbilisi. I have to mention that there are plenty of other spaces you might enjoy spending your time in. If you liked the article, you might also want to take a look at these: