Anyone that had a satellite dish which was adjusted to get ASTRA signals would also get a ASTRA promo channel and this channel had some of the most unique and great background promo music tunes ever. The Music from the famous “Astra Promo Video” from the 1990s had this wonderful music in it. Positive too!

Here is the amazing ASTRA Promo Video background music found on YouTube in high quality

The Music title is “Energy 2000” from Fritz Koeberl and Peter Janda. Its so energic, positive and wonderful to listen to. This style of promo music is for sure more than meets the eye. It went on the SES ASTRA channel promoting all of the tv channels that could be found on ASTRA at the time.

Here is the SES ASTRA 1a Promo where¬†“Energy 2000” from Fritz Koeberl and Peter Janda is used

Amazing promo music on the ASTRA promo channel

This is extraordinary promo music and it shouldn’t be forgotten. Astra Satellite Channels in the 1990s had huge variety of content and this music was playing when that was presented, which you can watch above. It also informed the satellite tv viewers about how satellite tv works. Really interesting!

Many talented music makers made really great promo music in the late 1980s and in the beginning of the 1990s. Today they get even more important, since today’s visuals on tv is really not great we think. The whole soul concept for each individual tv channel is gone. All of the designs today concentrates on 2D animations that is still based on those Flash 2D animations that finally is gone from the Internet.

Creating something that is really unique is hard. You need to have creativity and the Flash package from Macromedia destroyed that. Out of sudden the stunning 3D ident’s werent as cool to look at anymore? What happened?…