The Amiga version of TVPaint 3.59 is available for free

You might think that PC and Mac is the only platform with great drawing programs? Well, TVPaint for Amiga proves this wrong. This is a drawing program, which is still in development for PC and Mac for insane high price. The Amiga version is for free though, so if you got an Amiga somewhere with graphic card installed. Then download and install TVPaint. You won’t regret this.

TVPaint is for Amiga is still one of the worlds best ever drawing programs. You can use a drawing tablet with it, but if you only got the mouse, its not a drawback neither. TVPaint mouse control is smooth as your hand. There is no laggs also.

So, who can run TVPaint? Only old Amigas with graphic cards?
No! TVPaint for Amiga, runs on MorphOS, AmigaOS 4.x and UAE or Amithlon. This is why I also bring this title up today. You have a powerful drawing program for free. They released it and you can get it for free from here:

Download TVPaint for Classic Amiga, MorphOS and AmigaOS 4.x here


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