Mountain resorts in Georgia are not few: Each of them have uniqueness and play a huge role in a Georgian culture as whole.

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5 best mountain resorts in Georgia

Typically, people would split when it comes to choosing between the sea and the mountain. Sea resorts in Georgia are very popular in tourists but mountain resorts do not carry as much popularity. I would blame this on lack of information, because mountains are not as widely spoken about as its majesty The Black Sea is.

I decided to write this article to show you that the mountain resorts in Georgia are as important as the sea resorts are and once you visit, you will fall in love with them.


The location, part of the Upper Svaneti province was inscribed in the World Heritage List of UNESCO in 1996.

Between mountain resorts in Georgia, Mestia, the main regional center of Zemo(Upper) Svaneti, has to be one of the most popular ones and definitely deserves to be.

Mestia is distinguished with its breath-taking nature and cultural heritage. I can not express with my words how mesmerizing and unforgetabble are natural sights like mountain Ushba, the highest peak of Caucasus mountains- Shkhara, waterfalls falling from the towering cliffs and alpine lakes as blue as the sky.

We should be thankful to mother nature for giving the region very tall glaciers and cliffs as Svaneti had many magnificent mountaineers like Mikheil Khergiani, so called “Tiger of The Cliffs”.

Svan towers, unique churches and many other domestic or religious monuments are very interesting, distinctive and they carry a huge historical-cultural value that plays one of the greatest roles in Georgian culture as whole.

Mestia might be interesting to anime lovers too as very talented Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki used Svan towers in his very known anime: “Laputa: Castle In The Sky”.

Mestia was once like Ushguli, a Svan settlement with ancient towers and mountain landscape, but ever since the new road from Zugdidi opened, it’s started to turn into a mini Swiss resort. If you want to get a sense of the Caucasus Mountains with more home comforts than Mestia is a better bet.

Awesome mountain villages in Georgia ,
The magical village Gondoa in the anime represents Svaneti with its high towers.

Mestia is the perfect place for mountain lovers on any season. In winter the town gets covered in snow which makes it perfect place for ski-lovers.

For these and many other reasons that will lead you to fall in love with the town, Mestia undoubtedly is one of the best mountain resorts in Georgia.

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Goderdzi ski resort is located in Adjara region, south-west part of Georgia

Goderdzi is an ideal four-season mountain resort located in Adjara region, at an elevation of 2000m. Resort is well-known for its impressive nature, fresh air, magnificent landscapes and well-equipped ski roads.

Visit the new winter resort “Goderdzi” and spend truly unforgettable ski vacation.

Goderdzi hosts tourists in any season of the year. In summers one can go hiking in the mountains and forests, ride horses or go biking. Visitors get the chance of tasting the local mineral waters that are all natural and they also can visit Goderdzi petrified forest natural monument that is very rare to be found in the world. It represents a home to unique petrified flora and fauna of the Pliocene Epoch, which you can find on three locations of the Natural Monument.

It is clear that Goderdzi, one of the best mountain resorts in Georgia, is perfect for any season.


The region is covered with sub-alpine forests.

Beshumi is one of the hidden gems in Adjara that locals are very proud to have. The resort is located at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level and makes the best recreation area. Travelers can observe the beauty right on their way up to the resort- they will have to pass a river Acharistskali gorge that is eye candy.

Beshumi is the best place for people who want to escape the humidity and noise of the city. Alpine and conifer plants make the best combination for relaxing environment where tourists can go camping, have a picnic, go hiking or horseback riding.

he resort is especially interesting for the first weekend of August, when the traditional national holiday “Shuamtoba” is held there.

Beshumi is a balneological resort too because of its fresh air, mineral waters, mund-baths and rich natural environment. The resort is surrounded with coniferous forest that creates fresh oxgyen saturated air which is especially good for people with cardiovascular deseases.

During winter time the height of the snow can reach 5-6 meters and because of that tourist season only lasts from mid-June to September.

I would highly recommend visiting Beshumi- one of the best mountain resorts in Georgia.

The beautiful Green Lake (Georgian: მწვანე ტბა) is located in the northern part of the Arsiani Range near Beshumi (Georgian: ბეშუმი) in Georgia’s Ajara region. Situated between mountains this beautiful lake is surrounded by spruce and beech trees. The clear and transparent water is slightly mineralized.
Another perfect place is Green lake– a gift from the nature that is located in Beshumi.


Bakuriani mountain resort is situated 1700 m above sea level on the northern slope of Trialeti Range.

Bakuriani is one of the main mountain resorts in Georgia, located at the elevation of 1700 meters above the sea level.

Resort is covered in pine forests which makes Bakuriani benefitial health-wise, that is the reason why tourists visit this place any time of the year. The resort is magnificent for sports and nature lovers: Bakuriani ski roads are perfect not only for professional but amateur skiers and snowboarders too. The hardest and longest drop on skis can be done from Koktha and Didveli mountains. If skiing and snowboarding are not your hobbies, you can always find something else to do: wander around in the forest, ride horses, go hiking , drive snowmobiles and just have a great time with your friends and family.

For skiing and snowboarding, there are 29 km of slopes available.

The biggest advantage of Bakuriani is its prices- living there is not expensive at all compared to other mountain resorts. I would recommend staying in a family hotel as they offer travellers cheaper prices.

There are many restaurants, parks, sleds, snowmobiles and skating rinks in Bakuriani which makes it more welcoming to all types of people with different interests.

Without any questioning, Bakuriani is one of the top mountain resorts in Georgia.

Due to its long winters (4-5 months), the resort is a paradise for skiers and snowboarders alike.


Gudauri is the largest and highest ski-mountain resort in Georgia and it continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Gudauri is the most modern mountain resort in Georgia, the perfect place for winter sports lovers.

Even though the resort is located at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level, they tend to get warm and sunny days very often.

Ski roads in Gudauri are not only for professionals but amateurs too. Snow is very big factor that affects the quality of skiing, and Gudauri does not have any issue with that as they always get very deep and dry snow.

Gudauri is as good in summer as it is in winter- you can go hiking in Truso and Khada valleys, horseback riding or go rafting on Aragvi river. Besides unique nature, tourists will be able to see architecture of mid-centuries: churches, castles and towers that always manage to amaze foreigners.

The maximum exposure to the sun with skiable area makes Gudauri one of the best places for extreme sports lovers.

Gudauri has a wide choice of hotels that meet international standards; With free wireless internet, very nice rooms and cafe-bars even the critics will live time of their lives in Gudauri. I would suggest going for the family hotels- that way you can save the money and support locals at the same time.

I would recommend going to Gudauri as it is one of the most amazing mountain resorts in Georgia!

Learn more about Gudauri.

These are some of the best mountain resorts in Georgia! After the world is safe again we would highly recommend visiting them!

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