What can be better than a good ice cream in boiling hot weather? This is the exact reason I chose to write about the best ice cream parlors in Tbilisi. 

best ice cream parlors in Tbilisi

Personally I love getting a good ice cream cone and walking in a park with my friends. Through this process I found some great cafes that you should definitely visit to give it a taste. 

Here is my list:

1. Lumier’s Chimney Cake

This place is my ultimate favorite! Perhaps because it is not just an ice cream buy chimney cake too! 

Imagine: delicious ice cream with various fruits, nutella, different nuts, caramel and chocolate drizzling put in a fresh and breath-taking chimney cake! I swear you could find this place just by smelling its fabulous aroma.

Apart from its deliciousness, the personnel has to be mentioned too, as they are super friendly and will pleasantly guide you in a delicious world of chimney cakes. 

This little ice cream shop is located on Pushkin Street and by the Lisi Lake. Do not leave the city without giving this heavenly tasty ice cream a try.

If not the leader, Lumier’s Chimney Cake is definitely one of the best ice cream parlors in Tbilisi!

We jump info that place just by accident but definitely is was the best station and small break during the sightseeing that we ever had during our trip around Tbilisi!

Excellent taste! Fresh! Smell that spread around this tiny place and what is the most important very friendly owner that prepare Chimney by himself!

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  • Location: 25 Aleksandr Pushkin Street and Lisi Lake
  • Contact: +995599075258
  • Website: Lumier’s Chimney Cake
  • Open: 10:00 AM- 11:00 PM

2. Luca Polare

Luca Polare opened its first tiny ice cream parlor in 2008. It has to be mentioned that by that time Georgians were not used to seeing colorful, European-style ice cream.

Since then, the chain only got bigger and bigger as there are 16 different branches in 3 different cities- Tbilisi, Batumi and Kobuleti.

The ice cream is made with 100% natural products with an Italian recipe and there are up to 60 varieties of it. It has to be mentioned that there is zero food coloring or artificial flavoring used while producing these ice creams. Gluten-free and diabetic versions are also available. 

Not just ice cream but great coffee, milkshakes, hot chocolate, cakes, salads and sandwiches are being sold too.

Without further adieu, Luca Polare has its special place in the list of the best ice cream parlors in Tbilisi.

I never expected to find such good European style ice cream in Georgia. This was fabulous. I had the tartufo and it was chocolate mixed with ground almonds and chunks of hazelnut. To die for! 

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3. Angelato

Angelato similarly to Luca Polare serves Italian ice cream and not only: Delicious milkshakes, desserts, Belgian waffles, mousses and light drinks, vegan ice cream and cakes are always available. Also salads, sandwiches and healthy dishes. 

You can give a try to spaghetti or pizza shaped ice creams, which truly are very interesting to children. 

No matter what age you are, you can always go to this place and have a pleasant time with your beloved people, which makes Angelato one of the best ice cream parlors in Tbilisi.

  • Location: Leselidze/13 Kote Afkhazi St.
  • Contact: +995 (55) 390 712
  • Website: Angelato
  • Open: 09:00 AM – 02:00 AM

4. The Cone Culture Ice Cream

If you doubt that you can eat great ice cream in Tbilisi, then you should visit The Cone Culture Ice cream, where you have a huge option to find your favorite flavor!

What is different about this place is how they serve odd flavored ice creams like Ajika, which is Georgian hot and spicy dip, but the thing is they do not taste odd at all, they all are delicious! 

No matter what flavor you choose, automatically you win the lottery of flavor booms in your mouth.

Apart from the delicious home-made ice cream, friendly staff will make you want to go back to this place again.

This might be the most delicious ice cream you have ever eaten in your whole life. You should definitely visit this hidden gem and one of the best ice cream parlors in Tbilisi.

It was our first time in Tbilisi and such a jackpot. Kids are very happy. All ingredients are fresh and natural + bonus small little kittens around. we recommended best ice cream in Tbilisi.

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5. Tolia

Tolia is one of the oldest ice cream making factory in Georgia. They believe that ice cream is a happiness that can never be hidden! “If you won’t find it, it will find you itself and will make your life beautiful” they say.

Unlike other ice cream parlors mentioned in this article, Tolia started off by just selling their products in supermarkets and only built up little parlors after it.

Tolia has to have one of the most classic ice cream flavor; No wonder why you can find their parlors all around the city!

I would definitely recommend visiting Tolia, your “chilly warmness”! It undoubtedly is one of the best ice cream parlors in Tbilisi.

This is how “Tolia” ice cream is made
  • Location: All Around The City
  • Contact: +995 032 227 21 21
  • Website: Tolia
  • Open: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

This was our article on the best ice cream parlors in Tbilisi! We hope that it is going to be helpful while visiting the city. You might also want to check out these articles: