There are many wineries near Tbilisi where you could taste local wine and even participate in making it. The huge range of the vineyards in Georgia is natural, as the country is the oldest wine-making one in the world- after an archaeological excavation in 2017, 8000 years old Kvevri(clay vessel for wine-making) was found- which gave Georgia honorable status of being the oldest wine-guru.

Wineries near Tbilisi

Wine has always had a special place in our hearts: it is not only an alcoholic drink for Georgians but this “magical liquid” has always been connected to our people spiritually:  in ancient times wine carried huge ritualistic, mystic role. After the spread of Christianity wine started symbolizing the holy blood.

There are over 500 native grape varieties- it is not random that wine is treated respectfully in our country, so if you are looking for unforgettable experiences, then you should chose your destination among my list of the best wineries near Tbilisi.

Winery Khareba

Winery Khareba” created touristic infrastructure around their vineyards in 2011: recreation park with a river and ancient Kvevris (special vessels for wine making), an old Georgian water-mill, traditional bread baking “oven”-Tone, a traditional press “Satsnkheli”, Chacha distillation, a lake filled with trout, and a typical Georgian stone fire grill.

Watch this amazing video of the tour in Winery Khareba!

Guest will get the chance of trying more than 40 types of Georgian wine, take part in Chacha making, bake traditional delicious bread, prepare “Churchkela” which is a Georgian dessert-snack (some people compare it to the well-known Snickers), grill juicy “Mtsvadi”, participate in harvesting and wine making. Besides all of these exciting stuff, you can dine in a Georgian restaurant “Khareba”, located on top of the mountain that connects to the winery with an elevator: tasting local wine and traditional Georgian cuisine will feel a heaven.

We had a very nice lunch on the restaurant patio upstairs first then had a group tour of the winery which was enjoyable as well as educational. The winery guide was very knowledgeable and the wine was very good indeed. I highly recommend this tour.

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Traditional Georgian bread in Tone

The restaurant and nature merge harmoniously, thanks to the architecture: restaurant is surrounded by the garden full of old trees, waterfall, the mountain river, and a terrace that shows the visitor mesmerizing views of Alazani valley and vineyards.

Without further ado, I recommend visiting Winery Khareba, which is one of those wineries near Tbilisi that is worth your time, energy and money.

Karalashvili’s Wine Cellar

Before starting talking about the place I have to say that the Karalashvili family has been making wine since 1396 but the company was established in 2014.

Good thing is, you will not even have to go outside of Tbilisi to taste amazing wine like Kindzmarauli, Rkatsiteli, Mukuzani etc. This place not only offers flawless wine but an outstanding atmosphere and service as well- all of these in reasonable prices. The staff will put a real effort to teach the visitors about their wine-making techniques.

Located in the heart of the city Karalashvili’s Wine Cellar is hard to miss. With their professionalism they are one of the best wineries near Tbilisi- or in the middle Tbilisi to be exact.

Amazing people and best wine! Excellent choice for having really good Georgian wine and food. Really good service, excellent value for money.

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Learn more about Karalashvili

Teliani Valley

If you decide to visit “Teliani Valley” tour you will get the most out of your experience. The tour in the winery last for an hour, where you will be able to listen to the history of wine-making in Georgia, learn about the process itself, walk through the factory and see how the wine is poured into the bottles, taste them and learn about the traditions too.

Harvest season is the most important throughout the whole year: First of all, they prepare all of the utensils that they would need for the grape collection.

Grape picking starts at the same time almost everywhere, with the background music and festive mood. Of course, the visitors can take part in harvest process and watch the wine pressing afterwards, but that is not all: Mtsvadi on the grill and breads baking in the Tone will make you drool. You can also participate in “Churchkela” making and take it home with you.

Visiting Teliani Valley after crazy city life will be more than perfect, which makes the places one of the best wineries near Tbilisi.


Tbilvino is one of the most successful wine-producing company in Georgia, their wine is sold in more than 30 countries all around the world.

Their  history starts in 1962 and they definitely reached their goal of being the best among the best brands: they have received many awards from the various international competitions.

For those who are interested in the process of wine-making from grape picking to wine pressing, then Tbilvino has special tours.

If you are a wine-lover or just interested in the techniques of Georgian wine-making, then this company is ready to share their experience that counts many years. Trust me, these emotions will last forever!

Tbilvino not only is one of the best wineries near Tbilisi, but you just need 15 minutes from the city center to get to the location. You will participate in wine-making as well as tasting it.

The wine tour last for 1.5 hours and includes degustation of 3 different wines.

Everything was perfect. The host was nice and welcoming. The tour was quite cheap (only 10€ per person), interesting and educational. Wine tasting was included in the tour rate and we got to taste several different wines. Loved all of them! We also appreciated the fact that we didn’t have to go all the way to the wine region for a wine tour and tasting, since this one is located in the city. Definitely recommended! Big thank you to Tbilvino!

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These are some of the finest wineries near Tbilisi that you should visit for the most delicious and interesting experience. You should also take a look at the articles down below: