The quality of music festivals in Tbilisi and generally, in the country speaks a lot about our musical culture. Georgia holds one of the most honorable places in the eastern Europe when it comes to music festivals, but if we talk about our region specifically, then we can say that it is an absolute leader. Music festivals in Tbilisi can be found in any genre you are looking for.

Music Festivals in Tbilisi
As always, locals have their favorites too and you already know that the natives choose the best. Want to know about the 3 greatest music festivals in Tbilisi picked out by the local? Then you should follow the article till the end!

Tbilisi Jazz-Festival

One of the first and the oldest music festivals in Tbilisi is Tbilisi Jazz-Festival. We can start counting its age from the March of 1978 (Georgia was part of the Soviet Union at the time). The festival was being held for 10 days in the Tbilisi Concert Hall, making it the biggest Jazz festival in the history of USSR.

Poster for the first Jazz Festival in 1978

Because of the social-political situation in Tbilisi, the festival was put aside until 2000- Since then, Tbilisi Jazz-festival is held every year. Good thing is, besides Tbilisi, the festival is held in Batumi too.

Jamiroquai singing at the Jazz-Festival

If you are a jazz lover, then this festival is for you as the well-known artists play their music every year like Billy Cobham, Jean-Luc Ponty, Jamiroquai and many more. Besides international stars, Georgian musicians play their heart out on the Jazz-festival stage.

Nowadays, mixing genres on Jazz festivals became very normal and Georgia did so too. For example, rock legend Robert Plant visited Jazz-festival and gave Georgia an unforgettable concert.

Without further ado, Tbilisi Jazz-Festival is one of the most unique music festivals in Tbilisi that you have to visit.

Tbilisi Open Air

Tbilisi Open Air has to be the biggest and the most popular music festival in Tbilisi.

Tbilisi Open Air is an annual international music festival that lasts for 3-4 days each year. For the first time in was held in 2009 and since then, it has gotten bigger and bigger each year.  

Watch this video of Tbilisi Open Air from 2019

You could probably tell from the name already but the festival is held in open air, “Lisi Wonderland” every year, which is the best location for the audience, as they can put their tents in the nature and rest if they are planning on staying there till the festival ends.

There are several stages playing different music before the main stage is taken by the main guest of the day.

You can find any genre you are looking for- from Georgian artists to well-known foreign stars: Damien Rice, Deep Purple, Beth Hart, Archive, Air and Placebo have played on this stage.

Damien Rice performing for Tbilisi Open Air

Besides great music, this festival is the great place for bonding with your beloved people. For these reasons, it is natural that Tbilisi Open Air has to be in the list of the best music festivals in Tbilisi.

Art-Gene Festival

Georgia is distinguished with its culture and music is a big part of it. Our folk music is very popular all around the world and tourists are always amazed while attending traditional performances.

Well-known Georgian artist Nino Katamadze performing at Art-Gene

This music festival in Tbilisi is exactly for those people who love traditional and contemporary folk songs. Open Air Ethnographic Museum hosts festival Art Gene every year, where you can get familiar with Georgian folk music, check out some hand-made artwork that is sold at the festival or just have fun with your mates.

Art Gene was held in 2003 for the first time and is held every year since then.
Traditional Georgian Dance

There is no way of imagining the uniqueness of this festival through the text, you have to see this amazing music festival in Tbilisi with your own eyes and ears.

These are the 3 greatest music festivals in Tbilisi! Which one is your favorite? You might also want to check out other Georgia-related articles too: