Tesla Presents

Tesla has just introduced a new model car, but before you change window on your laptop to order one, you should know that it is even more expensive than the current sedan of the company.

Norwegian CEO’s will love this Electric Car

The order announced Wednesday called Tesla Model S 70D and sold at a price of $ 75,000, although buyers are eligible for a federal tax credit that reduces the price to $ 67,500. The Model S is priced at $ 70,000.
The “D” represents the dual motor car, which will be standard. The car has four-wheel drive, 541 horsepower and 0-60 time of 5.2 seconds. You also need a battery of 70 KW-hour and a driving range of 386 miles.
LEE: “QBEAK” the electric car that can go 800 miles.
And this is another detail: from today, the version of the Model S $ 70,000 will not be available again. Tesla will quit their catalog.
Tesla is still working on a cheaper sedan vehicle, the long awaited Model 3, which is expected to be priced at $ 34,000. This is not so. The Model 3 will not be available until within a couple of years

Watch this Review of Tesla Model S and maybe you can also can think and go electric? The Enviroment is waiting!