norwayinanutshellDistrita Now follows this Terror Warning towards Norway!
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Update Local Time: 18.10:
* Hope terrorists will be taken care of by Allah. Muslims prayed for Norway. Ghulam Sarwar, general manager of the Central Mosque Jamaate Ahle Sunnat, hoping the terrorists will be taken care of by Allah.

Update Local Time: 14.40:
* PST fears terror attacks in Norway Monday. Then it is end of Ramadan.
* The information from PST today with information that a terrorist group has left Syria with Norway aims. Police Director now considering further measures to address the terrorist threat.

Update Local Time: 12.54:
* Danish intelligence following the terrorist threat in Norway closely. Women with children and criminals travel to Syria

Update Local Time: 07.04:
U.S. intelligence has previously warned that extremists can exploit a Muslim anniversary called “Night of Fate” to carry out terror. In a separate anti-terrorist calendar day falls on Friday the 25th of July, according to

Update Local Time: 23.35:
* Armed police at the airport, railway station and port. Norway Cup might be one of the targets. Also Norwegian festivals might be target.

Update Local Time: 14.52:
* Closes royal castle after terror threat
* Brings police back from vacation

Update Local Time: 14.30:
* The police in Norway have said at a conference that everyone should be calm, but police will be more active in Oslo. The terror threat info is very weak, so police will walk and drive with guns all day today.
From: Police conference

Update Local Time: 13.03:
* PST back in March 2014: A small number of extreme Islamists behind terror threat

Update Local Time: 12.55:
* PST: Terror Action planned against Norway in a few days Armed police on alert
across the country


Update Local Time: 12.51:
* Erna Solberg (Norways president), quit her holiday after terror threat

Update Local Time: 12.44:
* It was right to inform the public, politicians says.

Update Local Time: 12.41:
* Researcher Lars Gule pointing out ISIL behind terror threat

Update Local Time: 12.37:
* Armed police in place at Oslo main Airport, Gardermoen
* Erna Solberg cancel your holiday


The Norwegian media is now full of warnings. A terrorist attack from Muslims in Syria is expected to happen within few days PST in Norway says. All of Norwegian airports and borders is now in alerts mode.