In 2007, Canary Islands got their first tram network in Santa Cruz de Tenerife on Tenerife. First they built a line running from Intercambiador to La Trinidad in 2007. Then in 2009, La Cuesta to Tíncer as T2 was launched. But this line is very short at the moment with only 6 stations. At La Cuesta there is no expansion plans, but at the other side at Tíncer the Extension plans is now Revealed.

T2 Tram Line will be Extended from Tíncer to La Gallega

Tranvia de Tenerife Tram Extension


Tranvia de Tenerife Tram Extension

It’s been a while since 2009 when T2 was opened. Now the plans regarding extending the line is officially on-line. Plan is to extend the line from Tíncer to La Gallega. The line will reach Muneco De Nieve, El Sobradillo and Barranco Grande on its way when the project is done.

There is still no date when the project will be done, but these are the facts about the project so far for extending T2 Tram line on Tenerife:

  • DESCRIPTION: Extension of Line 2 tram from Tíncer to La Gallega
  • OBJECTIVES: Provide service to the neighborhoods of El Sobradillo, Barranco Grande and La Gallega
  • STOPS: with four tramstops: Muñeco de Nieve, El Sobradillo, Barranco Grande and La Gallega
  • MUNICIPALITIES WITH STOPS: Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • POPULATION SERVED: 13.849 inhabitants
  • LENGTH: 2,5 km
  • CURRENT STATUS: Call for tender to drawing up the Project planning


Tranvia de Tenerife Tram Extension

Train project plans for Tenerife is also Revealed

Including the tram project in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Metro Tenerife is also thinking of a train project. But we at Distrita thinks that They could focus on the tram project to include all of Tenerife. There is really no need for a train system if you can build a train tram project that is similar to the one that you find in Porto, Portugal.

Porto, Portugal got a perfect train tram system that would work perfectly on Tenerife for sure. It would also ease the car traffic on the island a lot too.

Here is the facts regarding the train project

  • Project planning, financial model, basic and construction projects for the South Train and the North Train.
  • Construction projects for transport interchanges.
  • Substation and energy projects.
  • Freight transport viability.
  • For further information:

The politicians thinks green transport for sure on Tenerife. Just look at how they have built the tram in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Whatever they choose. It will benefit this island a lot.