Temazcal experience relaxation


Temazcal is a cultural experience offering several resorts in the Riviera Maya

Would you like to have your body in harmony with your spirit and relax in a Temazcal?

More than a spa treatment, the Temazcal is a cultural experience offering several resorts in the Riviera Maya. In temazcal they merge harmoniously ancient Mayan wisdom and herbal medicine. This variant of the steam has been widely used by the Aztec and Mayan cultures for more than 2000 years ago. The word derives from the terms tetl, Mazcatl and Calli, which together mean “steam house of stones”.

According to ancient beliefs, the Temazcal helps relax the muscles and nervous system, stimulate the digestive and respiratory systems and eliminate toxins and fat. Before entering this enclosed space, some guides may ask you to cover your body with mud, which helps in the purification process.

In most hotels you will find these spaces of relaxation, where specialized staff will offer massages, aromatherapy sessions, face masks and body treatments with oils or chocolate. The Temazcal is a sort of igloo in where in the center of hot stones are placed. The inlet is sealed to prevent the escape of steam and temperature. The session may be individual or group. In the gloom, a guide with herbs pours water on the stones and the steam begins to fill the enclosure, providing a deep sense of relaxation. The cenotes, which were for centuries sacred to the Maya sites are another place where you can enjoy a soothing massage. The Riviera has a lot of them.

Come and cheer up to live this experience when visiting Mexico. Here is our map of Temazcal

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