Back in 1988, none of the Scandinavian national or private tv channels had any idea of actually broadcasting a morning show for people on the way to work. Most of the Scandinavian national tv channels started up at 17.00 (5 pm) or even later, and ended their broadcast around 23.00 (11 pm) in the weekdays.

In the weekends they broadcasted from morning around 08.00 (8 am) to 01.00 (1 am), depending on their mood it seemed. So, to see someone from outside of Scandinavia trying to break the silence in the mornings for the Scandinavian people was almost unthinkable! But Sky Channel did something remarkable in 1988! They launched Good Morning Scandinavia before DJ Kat Show at 06.30.

One hour with Scandinavian program hosts

Since 1986, Sky Channel already had DJ Kat Show as their morning program. It was meant for children and teenagers. However! Good Morning Scandinavia came to the channel in spring 1988 that had both a Norwegian and a Swedish host sitting together around a table with different guests. It was the very first and only program on Sky Channel that wasn’t meant for the British or English speaking audience. It was quite bizarre, but Sky Channel tried everything they could to survive and this program was one of those attempts.

Long intro for a morning show – Over one minute long!

Before the show started up, the background sound of Teletext changed to something that Sky actually would make. But after some minutes, a short Sky Channel ident appeared and then the Good Morning Scandinavia ident started up! But this ident lasted for more than one minute with one-eyed chicken! I don’t know what they thought back then? Because the Sky Channel idents were so popular! How did they manage to hire a person that almost destroyed Sky Channel reputation!? It seems to me like this Good Morning Scandinavia attempt was one of many reasons that Sky Channel, in the end, had to leave all countries of Europe.

Donna Lee on Good Morning Scandinavia in 1988, not 1986!

Good Morning Scandinavia on Europes biggest TV channel in 1988

The show was broadcasting on World’s biggest tv channel in 1988! They seem to be a part of what would be changed on Sky Channel. So, maybe Ruper Murdoch was such a smart but a destroyer when he even managed to put info about Satellite dishes in this program for Scandinavian people. It seemed for me like he started up this program, to also be able to deliver information about what’s going to happen to Sky Channel soon? Well! Good Morning Scandinavia as with every other Sky Channel program that was made outside of the United Kingdom and Ireland, had their last broadcasts in 1988 and in 1989. Rupert Murdoch managed to get all the shares in Sky Channel, and destroyed a fantastic channel that did connect Europe more than any other channel have ever!


ASTRA describing Satellite-TV on Good Morning Scandinavia Here

ASTRA got tricked by Rupert Murdoch

Yes. Sky Channel left all of the European cable tv networks, except for the United Kingdom and Irland on 9th of February 1989. ASTRA, however, thought that this would be a new start on free tv in Europe. But Rupert Murdoch had other plans after he bought 4 transponders. Sky Channel competed with channels like Super Channel and The  Children’s Channel on cable television. However, in February 1989, Rupert Murdoch chooses to close the channel in Europe on cable tv. I remember how sad I became when I noticed that we out of sudden had no Sky Channel anymore. Now, Sky Channel continued to transmit only in the UK and Ireland. The rest of Europe ended up with Sky Europe on Eurosport channel for a short time until that one was gone!

Sky Channel became Sky One in August 1989


Sky Channel with this fantastic intro before the programs etc, disappeared from the Scandinavian cable networks in 1989! Then Rupert Murdoch changed Sky Channel’s name and became simultaneously Sky 1 in August 1989. People in Scandinavia, with their own satellite dish, could continue to watch the channel free to air for another couple of years via the ASTRA satellite. But that didn’t last long at all as the Finally encoded channel and a UK program card of Sky was required by 1st of September 1993. Sky One is however still alive. The channel remains in the UK as one of the largest satellite channels.

Good Morning Scandinavia was only fragile of what Sky Channel delivered. But it is an icon because at the time it was showing in Scandinavia. It was the only breakfast show in Scandinavia. It would also take years before Swedish TV4 would get it, and even more for the other national and private held channels in Scandinavia. So! Even not the best production at that time, it was something pretty unique for Scandinavia and that’s the reason for me to write about it. Sky Channel was my childhood and now I am glad that I can share it with you.

More problems for Rupert Murdoch in 2017

It seems like this man never ends the story of issues. Now he wants 21st Century Fox to be able to buy rest of Sky??? The British satellite and news giant. The takeover seems to have raised big criticism in Britain, where himself already holds several media interests. When will this man stop!? Creating brilliant ideas, then shutting them down or buy out stuff without putting quality at the first marketing line. I guess that if you want to play dirty, be rich and make many dislike you. Then you will have lots of caches,.. but then is that a life?