Once in the mighty TV history in Europe, FilmNet was born in December 1984. At first, the tv channel only broadcasted in the evenings, but shortly after it’s release the owners decided to go 24 hours as Europes first 24 hours tv channel. Here viewers could get movies 24 hours a day without any commercials! So they had “FilmNet the 24 hour leader movie channel in Europe” as a slogan for the channel for many years.

Changed the TV industry in Europe a lot

The channel did something for the TV industry in Europe like no other at that time! For an amount a month, you got this channel to your living room.

First the channel had payment for different parts of the day or the whole time. So they named these for Morning Club, Daytime Club, Royal Club and Night Club. You could understand exactly what type of Club you were watching by listening to the program schedule ident music etc. They stopped doing this in 1989 and now everyone payed per month for a 24 hour movie channel.

Fantastic FilmNet showcase from late 1980s

Favourite movie channel in Europe for many

This was many people favourite movie channel since it showed so many cool movies and the channel itself had such a distinctive name and presentation (cool intros/logos etc). Why was everything so much more colourful and imaginative in the past?!? This was so much better than the movies channels that is out now in 2017. You’d never get cool stuff like this now and this is why Disvida and also Distrita, writes about it for you to get knowledge about how diverse the tv channels were back in the days that is a great thing to preserve and to not forget. These sites is here to give you the best from the past!

24 hours with movies everyday

This was the first 24 hours tv channel in Scandinavia and Europe! Think of it,.. before this there was only few British ones that was not the same. In Scandinavia we had nothing! But FilmNet changed TV forever for us. 24 hours channel, with only movies AND no commercials. The channel also felt premium because of its presentations. Just look at the video below!


Naked women and naked men on TV

FilmNet was the channel to have. People did everything to watch it both legaly and illegally. It was also one of the very first channels to broadcast porn on TV in Europe without any censorship (TV 1000 was the other one, but it was born in 1989!). And because of this, the channel got banned in UK as I know. In Norway they got censored etc, while in Sweden and Denmark the porn and nudity was no problems at all.

Gone and missed very Much! This was Entertainment on TV

Seven days a week, 24 hours a day. This was FilmNet! Now long gone from Scandinavia and Europe itself. Pitty, because it could have ruled the world if it did the right actions. Instead its just a name legend that Disvida carry on for you.

FilmNet tried to do too much stuff with itself image. Here we can write about bad leaders decisions for one million words. But we won’t do that. The channel closed down in 1997 (Scandinavia, Netherlands, Flanders, Poland) but it was in Greece until 2008. The channel was renamed to Canal+ (still alive in France ( and Poland (  and to Nova Cinema in Greece which is now the only 24 hours movie channel over there. Now in 2017, FilmNet is missed, and we who lived and experienced the late 1980s, we remember that look and thats the one posted by many on YouTube also.


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