On the 15th of January 2020, we wrote about the bankruptcy of Teknikmagasinet in Sweden. The stores in Sweden had to shut down while the Norwegian ones were saved for a while. But now Teknikmagasinet in Sweden is saved too.

Teknikmagasinet is acquired by Ambia Trading Group

The store chain that sells lots of different gadgets and electronics in Sweden and Norway is named Teknikmagasinet. It is all saved from bankruptcy as it is acquired by the company Ambia Trading Group, writes Aftonbladet which is one of the biggest newspapers in Sweden.

The company purchases Teknikmagasinet for 41 million SEK, which is close to 39.2 million NOK which is about 4,062,046 Euro. This means a fantastic new start for the gadget electronic chain, says Ulrika Göransson of Teknikmagasinet in a press release.

The purchase is financed through loans. This includes Teknikmagasinet’s premises, shares in the wholly-owned Norwegian subsidiary with 35 stores and the right to continue about 50 stores in Sweden.

Norwegian Teknikmagasinet workers can keep their jobs

With this positive news, it is nice to know that 2020 won’t be the worst year for the workers at Teknikmagasinet. The new owner makes sure that workers can wake up in the morning knowing that the next day they still have a job.

Kudos goes to Ambia Trading Group which has saved lots of people’s lives. It is hard enough to get new jobs these days.

Ambia Trading Group AB (publ) was formed back in 2011 and took over the Netpact and Intropris operations. The merger of the operations created synergy effects in both product flows and administrative functions.


The intro price range was streamlined and an increased investment in hunting and weapons sales was implemented.

100 Million SEK in sales happened in 2012

During the year of 2012, work continued on the refinement of the Intropris assortment and on the efficiency of the company’s administrative functions. Netpact’s sales manager Patrik Öhman was recruited, as well as another person for clean order administration.

The customer base increased significantly and several large customer accounts were opened. Consolidated sales passed SEK 100 million.


You can read the entire history of the Ambia Trading Group on their site.