The new Vampire V4 Standalone is a totally new Amiga computer that was released at Amiga 34 in Neuss, Germany. It is the first new Amiga in many years. It brings the Amiga 68k legacy further like no other. If you love Amiga content. We at Distrita recommends you toContinue Reading

 It is not every day that a brand new aircraft type is introduced in Scandinavia. After Norwegian started flying the Dreamliner, SAS now comes to the full. SAS is back again The state-of-the-art Airbus A350, costs over two billion per piece for SAS. You can see what it isContinue Reading

USB Type-C Authentication

The time has come when USB is going to become more secure. But which of the USB implementations will get that? USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) is an organization that continuously strives to develop and improve the USB standard. They have now revealed that companies like Apple, HP, Intel and MicrosoftContinue Reading