Atari is not the same company now as it was before for sure. Before they made lots of nice computers but now they are a company that suddenly came up with building Atari hotels as a concept. The company is now building hotels with gaming themes, Atari reports on theirContinue Reading

After several restructurings, the Swedish part of Teknikmagasinet is today fully bankrupt. A message was sent to the Norwegian E24 magazine site. Distrita got this from a contributor and so this is based on that info. This means that all of the Swedish Teknikmagasinet stores is closing its doors. However,Continue Reading

USB Type-C Authentication

The time has come when USB is going to become more secure. But which of the USB implementations will get that? USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) is an organization that continuously strives to develop and improve the USB standard. They have now revealed that companies like Apple, HP, Intel and MicrosoftContinue Reading