The Dream Of Rowan
by Amiten Software

A new Independent game for Amiga in development!

Introduction to The Dream of Rowan

Sometime soon. The Dream of Rowan will be released as a completely new game for Amiga machines created with AMOS and Deluxe Paint. Distrita aims at supporting such projects. Amiten Software will create a Amiga game that has 10 levels and more than 40 sublevels levels where you will have to levitate, fly, swim and more…. It will be done in low resolution and 32 colors optmized palette. Differents weapons, enemies and bosses. Music is created with ProTracker in MOD format and the game will have Music and SFX simultaneously. We’re doing our best in pushing Paula and Denise chips to their limits!!. They have been using a real Amiga 1200 with 68030/50mhz for developing the game. The game will requiere 2Mb of Chip Ram.

Future and Release date

The Dream Of Rowan game is in development has been going on since mid of 2015. The game release is now set in December 2016. The game will be released in CD rom format in limited units sales from 30€ include shipping cost.

5 big worlds and 2 bonus stages include more than 25 levels (screens) to play is going to be finished by the release date. Also 4 big Boss and all made in pure Amal

Development and Configuration

All of the development have been done usin Amos Professional and Deluxe Paint for Amiga. Requirements for the game will be Amiga with 2MB RAM and 68020 as the required configuration

Here are some Screenshots of the interesting and Beautiful art made for the game



Here is their new Jump&Run style game for Amiga 68k, and It will be done around October 2016

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