Tamales with chipilín

  Know a little about the gastronomy of Tabasco

Chipilín tamales are typical of Olmeca, Chiapas, Tabasco …
They are made from scrambled martajada dough with chipilín leaf, of peculiar flavor, accompanied by strands of pork or chicken wrapped in banana leaf. They are served with spicy red sauce or tomato sauce.

Chipilín (also popularly known as Chepil) is a plant whose leaves are widely used in local cuisine in southern Mexico, including Chiapas, Oaxaca and Tabasco, and also in Central America, especially El Salvador and Guatemala. The Chipìlin leaves are rich in iron, calcium and beta carotene. They can be boiled and served green or dried. It is used as an herb, or added to the masses of the tamale masses giving it color and flavor.


10 portions

300 gr. chipilín leaf (if we compare bunches, we must eliminate the stems)

125 gr. lard (can be added more if preferred)

1/4 of kg white cheese (for example feta cheese)

1, 1 kg cornmeal


1 bag dried corn husks or enough to wrap 30 units of tamales


75 minutes

First we wash the chipilín leaves and dry them

Mix the flour with water until we can make balls.

Next, we add the remaining ingredients. We mix them well.

If we use a bender sheet, we soak it in hot water for a few minutes until they soften, then we take them out of the water and dry them.

We put the dough formed in the bender and close it.

We cook the tamales steamed about 40 minutes.