In a very nice time age at the end of 1800 just before the electrification came. A time revealed new narrow gauge steam tramways that opened in the center of Europe. Many of them opened in Belgium and so one of the last metric tramway lines is kept to tell its history.

Get to Know Berceau and its Tram Museum

Until a very interesting tip on YouTube appeared in front of me. I’ve never known about a city in Belgium that is named Berceau exists.

Take the Unknown Steam Tramway in Belgium

photosource: YouTube Eric Dricot – Bicabine HL303 with smoke on its way. Steam trams are rare. So don’t wait!

But this city which sits on the S63 train line which you can get to from Charleroi city. You take it to Thuin station where you can reach the museum by foot. On the outskirts of Thuin you find this very interesting tram museum that most of the people in this world don’t know anything about.

After some research. It is obvious that this is really something for everyone that loves trams. Check out the opening hours and address at the end of this article.

Over 20 various Trams to Discover

Here the Vicinal Historic Tramway Discovery Centre keeps over 20 various types of trams. These are steam, electric and diesel trams!

The oldest steam engine at the museum is from 1888. Also, the oldest electric tramcar that was built in Belgium is still running too. This museum shows that if something is taken seriousely it will be kept as a great historic experience for everyone.

Take the Unknown Steam Tramway in Belgium

photosource YouTube Eric Dricot – This is an electric tram from 1916! The name of it is S 9974 M4 Type SE.


Also, you can take a journey on the Thuin – Lobbes line. They also offer one-off events and special days happenings. So if you come here when they are open you can ride them. But if you come on another day. It is nice to take some nice photos of the town.

This town should really extend this tram network to the railway station for example. That would be really neat I think.

The last Belgian metric railway that is in Use

SNCV owns the last Belgian metric railway which allows electric, diesel and steam tramcars to run there.

The tram museum is Open on Sundays and bank holidays from April to September. But in July and August, it is also open on Saturdays.

Pricing Guide for this Tramway museum in Thuin

Individual adult € 6
Individual child € 4

Adult group € 4

Full Address to ASVi asbl

ASVi asbl
Rue du Fosteau 2A
6530 Thuin

Distrita welcomes you to Thuin and this amazing tram experience in Belgium. Steam trams is a rarity that is well preserved at this museum. Together with diesel trams, they are important to be kept alive so that future generations know what is possible to build.


Source: Wallonia Belgium Tourism