We throw out humoungous amounts of food everyday. Food stores just throws out food, because they cant sell the products or that their contract with those delivering ends up. There have been people traveling around Norway, where they had a project to just eat the leftovers. The project was a success and it shows that food stores here in Norway got a huge job to do, when it comes to actually not throwing out healthy food!

Tacoboat with chicken, maize and potatoe salad

Leftover from Friday’s taco dinner!
I personally loves to make food out of leftovers that I have. Yes, I do love to eat taco on Fridays, but there are always rests in my refrigerator. So, on Sunday I made this tacoboat dish that is very easy to do I think.

Here I give you my Recipe:

Use chicken leftovers in your refrigerator. Put two chicken in a pan with melted butter. Then sprinkle the chicken with spices and do fry the chicken on each sides. Make sure that the chicken doesn’t burn.

Use a taco medium or strong sauce, which you fill the tacoboat with at the bottom. Then use a bigger spoon to make the sauce not so thick on the sides.

When chicken is done, you should cut it in pieces. Then put the chicken onto the tacoboat and poure maize on top and fill one of the sides with potatoe salad.

Now you should have a nice dish. Make sure that you got a fork and a knife beside the plate in case.


Delicious and easy food to make
I didn’t use more than 15-20 minutes to make this dish. Also I ate up something that many would have thrown out. The boats are really nice, because they don’t give such a mess when you eat and it is a funny way to eat something.

This dish made my Sunday a happier one also. It is very easy to do and yet I got a nice dinner with many smiles. I am happy to be able to share this one with you. Try it out yourself.