Only 62km south of Manilla, which is the capital of Philippines. The Taal  volcano just had an eruption on 12th of January 2020. Local time in the evening, while in Oslo, Norway the time was about 11 o’clock in the morning.

I asked about where this is located as I didn’t know where it is. I got a nice answer so I could post this here. Thanks a lot.

Distrita got invited to Taal vulcano Live eruption 

Thanks for getting invited to a live stream on Facebook showing this. Thanks for that so that we could report this. We hope that the surrounding cities and Manilla won’t get affected. It all depends on the wind.

PHIVOLCS issued an alert status of Alert Level 3 on the volcano after a phreatic explosion on Sunday afternoon of January 12. The explosion spew an ash column measuring 100 meters. PHIVOLCS ordered an evacuation in the towns of BaleteSan Nicolas and Talisay in Batangas within the shores of Taal Lake. PHIVOLCS upgraded the alert status to Level 3 by 4:24 PM after the volcano manifested steam-driven explosion.

I personally saw a live stream of the eruption and it was quite powerful. I never knew about this volcano before. The ash that was pushed into the air formed a huge dark cloud with lots of lightening in it. Its was quite intense. Thanks to the Live streamers to document this at TravelOnline.

Let’s hope that this eruption doesn’t do lots of damages. The Taal vulcano been active in 2019 also it seems.

Alert Level 1 was raised on the volcano because of frequent volcanic activities since March. Based on the 24-hour monitoring of the Taal Volcano’s seismic network, 57 volcanic earthquakes were observed from the morning of November 11 to morning of November 12.

The volcano itself seems to be a lake island volcano. Very interesting typography but volcanos should always be respected. 


Source: TravelOnline and Wikipedia