“Hero” is not only a good song, but it has a text with a hidden message!

“Hero” with an important message

Swedish Eurovision winner Måns Zelmerlöv struggled with bullying at school and wrote a song about it (together with director Fredrik ”Benke” Rydman and the animator David Nordström)!

Due to International rights from SVT, we can’t guarrantee that the link below works in all countries…

Swedish Eurovision winner fighting against bullying

The song “Heroes” won the Swedish final of “Melodifestivalen” and goes to the International Eurovision final in Wien in May 2015. The song has an important and hidden message: Take care of the people that need your support, just don’t belong to the cool group! The song “Heroes” pays tribute to a friend that was there for Måns when he needed it most! It’s a good reminder for everybody to support the weak, the unfair and show side! Be active and help the people that need your hand, and you will become a hero!

David Guetta inspired or plagiarism?

The song is really good, but it gave me strong associations to David Guetta’s recent hit “Lovers of the Sun”. According to the Swedish newspaper Expressen the song had to be reconstructed before accepted in the festival show because it was too similar! But still after the song was changed a bit, we think the sound is very similar! And because of the sound, we find the song very modern… A bit strange choice for the singer, as he normally has a different voice/vocal! Have a look at his Eurovision hit “Cara Mia” from 2011:

It seems to be modern to have a deeper vocal, and more male voice, than boy voice, and Mons is definitely using that trend too… According to the newspaper Aftonbladet they have asked Avicii that produced “Lovers of the sun”, but they said “please check with David Guetta”, but he was not available for a comment!

David Guetta has been very successful during the past few years with more than 30 hits, and now it seems like everything Guetta touches become a massive radio hit, no matter what! David Guetta, often referred to as the man who brought dance music to American mainstream radio, got his big break when Kelly Rowland saw him DJ in Cannes, France. They got together and recorded “When Love Takes Over,” and from there, Guetta’s career took off as Rowland helped spread the word! Now it seems like Måns also can send big thanks to Guetta for winning the Swedish Eurovision final! We hope that Guetta will not make any problem for Måns having success with “heroes” internationally!

Neither in “Hope or Glory” Måns has this masculine voice as in “heroes”.

Heroes is international favorite

The song “Heroes” got almost 12 points from every country that participated in Swedish “Melodifestivalen” fianl. They had arranged judges from Malta, France, U.K, Austria and many other countries. Here Måns collected more than 120 points, and there was never any doubt which song the international judges liked most! This is a promising number, and “Heroes” was even more popular among the International judges than Euphoria by Loreen in 2013, which also became the winner song of Eurovision 2013! Afterwards the Swedish votes were counted, and Måns got more votes than anybody else also here! He was defintely worth winning tonight’s final, and we wish him good luck in Wien in May!

Australia will participate in Eurovision 2015

We also have some very exciting international Eurovision news! SBS has broadcasted Eurovision to the Australian viewers for more than 30 years! This year Australia will participate in Eurovision final and the Australian viewers will also vote! This will probably have a good influence for the Western European countries participating with Western music, especially good for the United Kingdom that has struggled and been in bottom 10 many years in row! For the first time Australian votes oficially count! Australia will contest in ESC is very interesting news!

We at Distrita find this news very exciting! We were actually at bit shocked, as we thought only European countries could participate! Eurovision has been an European tradition we are very proud of, and it’s a celebration of the spring coming to Europe as well… In Australia it’s autumn in May! Eurovison has been a symbol for Europe’s liberal view of the world and we tolerate all kind of cultures, gay or straight, skin color or other differences!

There are many rumours who that will represent Australia in their first Eurovision performance ever, here is one of the suggestions:

Source: http://www.expressen.se/noje/melodifestivalen/mans-svar-pa-kritiken-det-ar-inget-plagiat/