Did you know Sweden is crazy in Eurovision Song Contest? Every week almost half of the population is watching the semifinals! They have 4 final shows on Saturday in primetime, and one Second Chance show on next Saturday in primetime and the Big Final on the 6th Saturday, ofcoruse in primetime! The production is very well produced, and the show is almost as important as the music! Well… When that’s said, the level of the artists and the songs are quite good! And it’s a good mix between new, popular artists and different genres from pop, schlager, rap, rock, opera, even heavy metal may appear! Here it’s space for most kind of music styles!

Every year the hosts are changed, and this year, Sanna Nielsen, a 25 year old singer that has appeared in Eurovision for 6 times already, and won the Swedish final last year and came number 3 in the International final in Copenhagen! She hosts the show together with Robin, a talk show host that is known for his funny jokes! And that could be a good experience to carry… Because as a Eurovision host you will have to joke a lot, they will perform everything from musicals to funny live scene jokes.

Here is one of the winners from this week, Magnus Carlsson. He’s performing a song in Swedish, “Meet me in Old Town” and it sounds like a typical Swedish Schlager. Yeah, it’s a special music style only the Swedish artists can deliver! And it’s still popular! Swedish artists are popular everywhere… You may have heard of Abba, Roxette, Robyn, Tove Lo, Carola, Agnes, Ace of Base, Cardigans, Swedish House Mafia, and I could continue for a long while… They are really good musicians! Many of them have a typical Swedish Schlager style… I think Magnus Carlsson is having success because he is already an established artist with a long carrier from a dansband(danceband= it’s slow music made mainly for lazy people that want to dance until they sleep or drink a bit more… it’s really annoying music and only exist in Sweden… Almost all the songs has the same kind of sound and is really boring, often with romantic lyrics) Anyway, Magnus Carlsson is performing well, he’s 40 years old but looks much younger, and he intents to make the schlager a bit more modern with some dance parts and he delivers a good show with lots of dancers on stage. You can feel how his heart is knocking for meeting you again in the Old town tonight!

Every week they have 2 winners, and the second lucky one this week was Mariette. She came number 4 in Swedish Idol 2009, and it’s her first time in Eurovision (or Melodifestivalen as the local show is named). She song Don’t stop Believing! It’s more a kind of pop song, and she won the viewers heart with her honest song with a very well written lyrics. Two good winners!

Here you can see one of the host’s performances, part of the entertainment show!

Does it sound a bit like the Lion King, or is it just me? Lol!

Ant to finish this article we need to show you the beginning of the show!

We gonna cover this super huge Swedish event next week too!