For 9 days, 5 hours and 59 minutes, the national broadcaster in Norway which is named NRK is showing slow TV from Svalbard (Spitsbergen). We hope for the sake of your health that you haven’t seen all of it. You deserve to sleep!

The broadcast of this slow tv format program on NRK2 in Norway began on January 31st and lasts until midnight February 9th, 2020.

With this broadcast of such a long TV program. It marks the 100th anniversary of the Svalbard Treaty, which is the agreement that gave Norway sovereignty over Svalbard on February 9, 1920.


  • National broadcaster in Norway
  • Got 3 TV channels, NRK1, NRK2 and NRK3 without commercials
  • All fees are paid by all Norwegians that owns a TV through the tax system
  • is their website

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Lots of Norwegians watch Svalbard slow tv

With no commercial interruptions at all. NRK shows what it can do as a national broadcaster that is paid by the Norwegian people without the need to interrupt a program with commercials. This nine days broadcast is a 24 hours tv show for 9 days. There are no interruptions in it and the fact that so many watches it is amazing. It shows that TV can have a future if they think about what they can do to keep people watching them.

NRK has made lots of slow tv shows that been seen by the world with big eyes. These kinds of shows are what people love as they show nature with lots of interesting information. But this broadcast is not Live. The NRK team filmed the whole thing last summer as now it is totally dark there.

Here are the official numbers for this weekend

The estimated first viewing numbers are clear. So about 917,000 Norwegian viewers visited the broadcast daily this weekend. This is an increase of 36,000 viewers per day compared to the average of broadcasts in the same period of NRK2. In a country with 5.3 million people, this ain’t so bad, especially at these times when the linear TV is getting very hard competition from the huge streaming services worldwide.

The journey around Svalbard minute by minute slow tv show is actually much more loved than the last minute-by-minute broadcast of 2017. Then the national broadcaster of Norway covered reindeer migration in Northern Norway. At that time, 717,000 were on NRK2 daily.

So, what do you think about slow-tv as a concept?

Source: Aftenposten