For us in Europe, the sushi word for many people means raw fish on top of rice. But in Japan it is like tapas as sushi is not a word for raw fish, but it stands for marinated rice which can have anything on top of it.

But in USA, they have found a new way of creating a sushi alike dinner out of bacon and meat. I had to try it myself as it looked brilliant. So, I tried it myself even yesterday with more vegetables and wow. This really tastes good. But watch out for the calories. With bacon, you sure put fat in your belly so this is something you might eat once or twice a month.

Here is the video that inspired me:

If you don’t have a grill, then you can use a pan and steak it directly. Here is my way of making this to one of my most interesting tryouts!

You need this:
* BBQ Oil
* Bacon pack
* Meat pack
* Meat spices
* Gauda Cheese
* Paprika

Do this:
Lay down all of the bacon stripes down on a working plate. After that you should pull the desired sliced meat over the bacon stripes (Make sure that you wash your hands before this!). Make sure that the meat covers all of the bacon stripes. So here you need to use your hands a bit. Take only half of the sliced meat package, then pour steak spices over the meat with paprika and gauda cheese.

Make sure that when you roll the bacon, that you close it all so that no meat falls out! Important!

Then take the rolls to the pan and pour BBQ Oil on the bacon rolls. Put the heat on 7-8 (out of 10), and make sure that all of the sides gets enough heat. Steak it on each sides for 3 minutes and in the end take it to a plate and cut it into sushi alike pieces.

Serve it with smashed potatoes or wait for the summer for grilling season and do it as on the YouTube clip.