In the early era of gaming, Team 17 did some very nice titles before they put themselves onto the Worms era. Team 17 created one of coolest games in 1990, which includes Alien Breed 3D series, Alien Breed series, Body Blows series, Project-X, Stardust and Super Stardust for Amiga. Back on 13th of February 2013, Team 17 announced that they would be reviving Superfrog and releasing a HD version of the classic game on PSN. Now Team 17 have released the new Superfrog game for Android, which can be also downloaded from PSN (Playstation Store) for some time.


Do I get Amiga feeling out of this game?

The game itself reminds a lot of the Amiga version, but it is much more “cartoonized”. It means it looks more cute and Team 17 have even stated earlier that they have made the levels easier, because of kids now doesn’t understand difficult games as much as they did before. Another thing, is if the extra level between world 5 and 6 is in this game? In the Amiga version, this extra level takes the form of a side-scrolling shoot ’em up called Project-F in homage to Team 17’s own Project-X (another great Team 17 game).

So to conclude this statement, its a nice version of the Amiga version of the game, but it has lost its “difficulty spirit”.

You can judge yourself by paying just a bit over 16,- NOK here from Google Play Store in Norway

Anyway. Distrita thanks Team 17 for trying to bring the Amiga spirit back.