Before Super Stardust HD came out for Playstation 3 and Super Stardust Ultra came out for Playstation 4, this game was a huge hit on OCS and AGA Amigas. This is a extremely hard Asteroids clone, but with awesome music, gameplay and graphics. This game is like a drug. You just need to play it over and over again. But this article is not about the Amiga version of the game that got special levels between the Asteroids packed action levels. It is all about the Commodore 64 demo that is demonstrated in the video below. The most stunning with Stardust and Super Stardust on the Amiga was the amazing cool looking 3D tunnel action sequences which you find in both Stardust (OCS Amiga) and Super Stardust (AGA Amiga) version of the game. But one guy made this section playable even on the 8-bit most selling home computer in the world! The mighty Commodore 64.

This article is about the very interesting Super Stardust for Commodore 64 Preview that shows the specific 3D tunnel sequence from the Amiga game on C64! You enter this 3D tunnel sequence in Super Stardust version for Amiga after finishing the very first boss of the Asteroids parts of the game. And now, Jupp3 from Finland have managed to make this section playable on a Commodore 64. This is just incredible task.

Watch the Super Stardust for Commodore 64 Preview video here

Try it out this 3D tunnel sequence from Super Stardust on Your Commodore 64 today

You can download the game thru the csdb site. The game was released at a party called Bukkasysky 2016, where this Super Stardust 3D Tunnel Preview for Commodore 64 got released.

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So! Today you find this game for Commodore 64, Amiga, PC, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. But that’s not all. You also find a version titled Super Stardust Portable for Sony PSP handheld device. The Playstation versions of the game receptions were pretty good, however it is sad to see that these 3D tunnel sequences were removed from the nextgen versions of the game.

What are you waiting for? NOW! Go on and try this on your Commodore 64, or try it in a Commodore 64 emulator! Its just too cool news! Maybe you want to share your experience with Distrita regarding the gameplay?

Super Stardust HD for Playstation 3

Super Stardust Ultra for Playstation 4