On 27th of October 2017, there is a totally new Mario game heading towards Nintendo’s new console Nintendo Switch. So, in the end of October, this console will for sure get a boost in popularity for sure. Which is something that Nintendo really needs.

Mario can throw his hat Now

One of the first things that catched my eyes is that Mario can throw his hat at enemies. Also! He can jump on cars, swipe thru electric cables, fly on certain enemies and collect moons!?

Nintendo have also added dinosaurs to the game and the town where Mario is walking thru looks pretty impressive. I actually feel a bit Sonic Adventures for Dreamcast vibe in this game. Which is quite cool!

This is for sure a game that I want to get hands on and do a really nice review of. Mario is legendary and the character that inspired the Giana Sisters makers etc. It is also the game that learns and teaches children stuff while they play. It teaches them to be more precise, to do things more correctly and makes them understand how different things behaves differently.

Super Mario Odyssey Gameplay Showcase Video

Mario 64 is getting a real competitor

It seems for us that Super Mario Odyssey is what Super Mario Sunshine isn’t! Now, Mario 64 seems to have a real competitor for sure. Super Mario Odyssey seems to bring back that Mario 64 gameplay that was pretty unique when it was out for Nintendo 64 back in the days and it adds awesome HD graphics.

I was a bit afraid that the city would be looking a bit too realistic, but the way Nintendo have managed to create the city where Super Mario is running thru. Is infact pretty amazing.

We at Distrita hopes that Nintendo will succeed with this. It seems like Nintendo is the only game console company that is trying to evolve a bit and at the same time use their beloved characters worldwide. Gogo Nintendo!

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