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We want to give you a guide of the best Super Bowl Commercials of all times. Which is the best Super Bowl Commercial that you really loved? The leading companies impressed us with lots of creativity and we watched lots of brand new commercials druing this Sunday’s Super Bowl. Which commercials will be the most memorable? Or will the brand/product be remembered or just the movie? Maybe all your family members wrote down a rating for each commercial? Which commercial was the most emotional, the funniest and the most technically astonishing? And which commercial was the most sexy? We have earlier written about KFC’s debut in Super Bowl 2017.

Which is the best Super Bowl Commercial that you really loved?

The funniest Super Bowl ad?
The ghost of Spuds MacKenzie is here to let the world know that it’s not about the parties. It’s about the Bud Lights you grab with friends.

Here at Bud Light, we know friendship is not about one big moment or one big emotional speech. Friendship builds slowly, over the course of many years and Bud Lights. When you add up all those seemingly insignificant little moments, you realize you’re not just drinking beers, you’re building friendships.

The most emotional Super Bowl ad?

The tire maker Michelin tugged on viewer’s heartstrings with their emotional “I Need You” spot.

Michelin Super Bowl Commercial 2017 I Need You. Your peace of mind is what drives us. And our dedication to safety is what lets you drive on; to be present for the ones that count, especially when they need you most.

The most sexy Super Bowl ad?
Sexy girls and lots of action from the web site giant Get ready for action in our Big Game commercial featuring Jason Statham and Gal Gadot. When Felix, a business owner in a disruptive world, has to deal with Gal and Jason destroying his bistro, he keeps his cool. Why? Because with Wix, he knows he’ll always stay stunning.

Most tech Super Bowl ad?
An American company manufacturing the world’s most innovative & advanced products in automotive protection…Just how far will WeatherTech go this Super Bowl?

Most nostaglic trailer?
Baywatch 2017 Movie hits theaters May 26th, 2017. Yeah, the classic TV series about the life guards from Santa Monica, L.A. will have a movie this year! In this Super Bowl ad two unlikely prospective lifeguards vie for jobs alongside the buff bodies who patrol a beach in California.

Most surprising Supoer Bowl ad?
Some people just can’t believe the new Buick. See the big surprises in the :30 version of our Big Game commercial, starring Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr.

What is the best commercial in Super Bowl 2018? Look at 3 Best Super Bowl 2018 Commercials

Here is Blue Cow 2018 Super Bowl Commercial named “Drink of the Future”, running almost 3 minutes long.

Here is SUPER BOWL 2018 Commercial for KIA:

Skittles Super Bowl Commercial 2018
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Super Bowl 2018 predictions

Today we are going to be giving YouTuber TD Barrett’s Super Bowl PREDICTION with the Philadelphia eagles going up against the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS! This Super Bowl 2018 is going to be crazy!