The Japanese automaker Subaru 50,000 check called “zombie vehicles” given the risk to boot themselves without human intervention.

Subaru said the move affects 47,419 cars of the Legacy, Outback and Impreza produced between 2010 and 2013. Also includes vehicles Crosstrek 2013.

But the absence of these cars do not appear to be due to something paranormal. The affected Subarus have automatic transmission and a remote control to start Audiovox, according to the automaker.

“If the peer goes down, the key ring may be damaged and randomly transmit an order to start the engine without pressing the button,” says the letter from Subaru to the National Traffic Safety of U.S. Highways.

This is not a minor problem, as Subaru’s letter, detailing some situations that may occur if the car comes alive:

“The engine could catch fire and be only operated for up to 15 minutes,” he says. “The engine can be on and off until the battery runs out keychain, or until the car runs out of fuel. If the car is parked in one reciento closed, there is a risk of accumulation of carbon monoxide which could cause choking. ”

Subaru says that the measure will be implemented from April, when the owners of these new models will receive their free keychains.

In January, Subaru had called to review more than 630,000 vehicles for fire risk.