Translated in English: Mayor Estrada initiates clean-up drive in Manila Bay

So, Filipinos struggle everyday to get to the bottom part of a point where they have to do things for people just so people can believe what they do is right. Apparently, the photo here on this article is a simple screenshot of a video sent by a Filipino friend of ours in the Philippines, and eventually told me everything in English.

And also, he just found this video on Facebook.

What’s going on here is that Mayor Estrada initiates a Clean-Up drive, to clean the Manila Bay (a natural harbour which serves the Port of Manila (on Luzon), in the Philippines). Meaning, to get rid of some trash that’s floating off the river.

The most interesting part of the said video is that, journalists and a camera man on-site, were able to capture the moment where one of the Mayor’s workers, happen to dump garbage in the sea.


What? You seriously doing that? Oh. Translation of the subtitles are to be followed.

I have no words for that.

To keep things simple to understand, the conversation where the woman starts dumping trash in the sea states that she just literally dumped the trash, just so the Mayor can have a photo-op for the sake of journalism. The journalist, reporting on-site, is quite shocked to see about the makings of a lie. A lie that has started in the Philippines since the Early’s 1990’s. Meaning, Environmental Laws in the Philippines are not pretty much followed (just like any law in the Philippines until the person is caught and claims to be a victim, or becomes a victim of pressed corruption that has been going on). Making things worst, they even had some divers, who would be pushing the trash away from the source. So that the Mayor (and his companions) would eventually pick it up with those fishing nets (more like, taking back their trash) will be “witnessed” in doing that. At the end of the video, he (the Mayor) was questioned if he was aware of this. It seems that he didn’t give much of a say to that.

Oh, and since this video happened… It also so happened to be broadcasted all over the Philippines since it was on a News Report on television.

The moral here is that: This is real journalism, where corrupt politicians get exposed about the truth behind their so-called “projects”.


Source: Facebook  <- View the video from here too!