The inhabitants of Mooloolaba, a coastal city on the east coast of Australia, awoke with streets covered by seafoam.

This natural phenomenon, which in some parts reached three meters high, is a direct result of Hurricane Oswald and goes by the name of ‘Foam Day’ (day of the foam).

This phenomenon occurs every three to five years.

Foam covered the streets in Australia

Foam covered the streets in Australia

These waves of the sea I hear 
crash and undulate under me; 
I weep for all 
that is lost.

These waves of the sea I see 
worm their way into my heart; 
I weep for yesterday.

These waves of the sea I smell 
plug up my senses- 
and I play the fiddle 
one more time.

These waves of the sea 
beat me back- 
into the onrushing waves.

Waves undulate comically 
underneath me.

Seafoam sprays up, 
hitting my face, 
making me see stars 
until I vomit.

Seafoam comes forth 
from the sea; 
I await a brand new morning 
and end up 
hating the dawn.

When it comes 
I can see it clear 
as glass shards in the window; 
I weep.

Will you weep for me when
it is time to run? 
Will you sing for me when
it is time to crawl away? 
Or will you be ever-present- 
as I have made you in my dreams?

Will you be there for me- 
or run- 
or crawl- 
jump far and fly high? 
Which will it be?

I wish to know- 
I wish to see 
all of you 
in my dreams of the past.

I wish to know that fire 
burning so brightly 
in your face- 
as well as I know my own.

I wish to know that spark 
burning behind your eyes- 
as well as my own 
now laid to rest.

Will you see me? 
Or run when you do? 
which will it be? 
when do you see me?