Because of all companies like Apple, Netflix, Microsoft, YouTube and Sony to name a few. These big companies does offer Downloading of their content. Some of them like Apple and Microsoft, is however known to delete and remove products or apps that you have which they don’t like. So, to see a Popcorn Time alternative like Terrarium TV for Android closing its doors. Means that these users will jump over to other services that is unknown.

You don’t know if you own the Movies that you have Purchased from legal streaming Services

You don’t know if what you purchase, is something that is actually yours. What happens to your Movie that you downloaded from Apple iTunes? It sits in your iTunes Library and Apple can remove it when they want! So, what happens when the Film industry succeeds in shutting down illegal sites? Users moves on onto other services. Because, when buying a movie or downloading one you have bought. You simply don’t know if it will be on your hard drive forever.

TorrentFreak reports this week that the pirate streaming app Terrarium TV for Android is history. This confirms the developer NitroXenon himself in an update to the app.

Terrarium TV Had similarities with Popcorn Time

“It has been a great pleasure to work with this project. Still, it’s time to take goodbye. I’m going to shut Terrarium TV, too good. I knew that this day would come. I knew it would be hard to let go, but it’s time to move on to other projects”

This is what the developer of Terrarium TV writes in a message sent to the users of the service. It will end everything by the end of September 2018.

It shows that the film industry wants people to pay to see their content. But then these companies must make sure that when people buy a movie. They must let people keep the product that they have bought. Or people will find New ways to get new movies illegally.

The reason NitroXenon chooses to kill Terrarium TV is not known by Distrita, but it is not surprisingly speculated that the developer was pushed for it by licensees.


TorrentFreak however, denies rumours that NitroXenon should have been paid by the film companies to shut down the platform.

Terrarium TV is inspired by Popcorn Time. Which is one of the most known illegally service with a rich content of movies and TV shows. This service did things a little differently. Instead of streaming torrent files, Terrarium TV downloads video online from the Internet that users could flow. With this they shouldn’t have any issue. The sources should be target and not what Terrarium TV grabbed from other sources. 

Terrarium TV is doing the same technique as any news papers on-line does when they embed Twitter, Facebook or other social media sentences. The same technique is done by sites that embed YouTube videos on their sites. 


The Film industry needs to fix their purchase services before shutting these services. If they want people to pay then they need to give the products to the customer that consumer buys. Simple! 

Now it's over for Terrarium TV!