Something is happening at Sony. Their v5.0 release to the beta-testers includes streaming in 1080p HD 60FPS. This will be available for all PlayStation 4 Pro owners very soon. They will be able to stream video with an resolution at 1080p HD with 60 frames per second. Here is our latest information that is coming from the official PlayStation blog! Read on…

Directly Twitch support in the next big PlayStation 4 Update

People will be able to stream directly to Twitch from their PlayStation 4 Pro console in 1080p HD 60FPS quality directly from the couch at home. Other updates in the next release is new features added to your Friends list on PlayStation 4. Now it will be possible to move friends to specific groups. For example if you have only certain friends which loves to play GTA5, then you can put them in a GTA5 friends group that you have created.

Messages is also getting an update regarding Spotify. If you share songs with your friends, you will get more information on your PlayStation 4 screen. Before you could only share the songs on social media, but now you will be able to share them with your friends too. Very cool!

Disable Pop-Ups While Playing Video

Also another quite nice feature that will be added to v5 is the ability to disable pop-ups while playing videos. We hope that this also counts for if you’re watching Viaplay, Netflix, HBO or other streaming feature services. It’s been quite annoying getting ‘out of sudden’ messages on the screen while watching the most intense action parts in Game Of Thrones for example.

There is also update in language support! Now the PlayStation 4 interface supports Indonesian, Thai, Greek, Romanian, Hungarian and Czech. This makes it easier for people in this countries to understand the menus for sure.

If you’ve been chosen as a beta tester, your feedback is really important for the team and let the team manage to fine-tune the new additions ahead of the full system software release. They really hope that you will enjoy using their new features. So! Let them know how you get on in the comments below on their PlayStation 4 blog, and through the usual feedback forums. As with any development processes. The developers needs feedbacks. Without them, the product will for sure have issues. So! If you are a beta-tester. Test out and report back. It really helps and makes everyones experience of the system perfect.

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