In 1921, Karls was invented. This is indoor and outdoor activity themed parks in Germany is really great for the whole family. Here you have a park that is heavily themed around its Strawberry farm. However, Karls is so much more than that and it’s for sure a very nice trip for all ages also.


photosource: – Map of the attractions at the Koserow theme park in Germany


photosource: Distrita – Here is the view towards the tall slide that is pretty fun to take down for sure!

Attractions for the smallest members in your family at Karls

Here at the Karls theme parks, you find different type of potato bag slide attraction that is quite tall, soft play activity, tractor ride that is slow and funny, radio controlled boats, bungee ride, animals feeding activity, pony riding, kids crafts and arts activities. The entrance fee is totally free, however each of the attractions costs around 1,- EURO. So, it’s not that expensive. But some of the attractions like the radio controlled boats can be a bit addictive. So, you end up spending more than 1,- EURO. But that is sort of expected on a theme park like this one.

There are also attractions which doesn’t cost money for the smallest ones. Like climbing and playing with water on the kindergarten alike areas. Having a nice time meeting one of the cute goats and pigs at the theme park is also for free. However, if you want to give the animals food then you need to pay. The animals goes crazy on you, so be aware! They aren’t dangerous but you should look out or don’t have too much in your pockets for sure.


photosource: Distrita – At the inside part of the theme park, you can see such actions like here where she cuts candies into pieces for everyone to try. Yes, you can try different types of candies, cheese, chocolate, cookies, tea and much more! They made sure that you won’t leave the area without buying ;)!

One of the Best ever Food Extravaganza Experience

Once you are done with the attractions at Karls, you have option to eat some om the very delicious German hot dogs that they serve. It’s actually very good and I came with a bit negative thinking as most of the theme parks that I’ve been to does serve not so interesting or tasty foods. You should really give it a try: bread and sauces as well as wine, compote, sweets and natural juices is sold. Fireplaces outside will keep you warm during cold season. This fireplace can also be used for warming up a special hot dog bread that you can buy at this theme park.

However, if this is not your thing neither. Then maybe you would be involved in bonbon sweets making master class or jam making masterclass at the park. But that is optional for sure. You could also have a cup of tea or coffee with homemade apple pie or maybe you fancy a hot meal from inside restaurant? Inside you could purchase handmade soaps, pasta, bread, strawberry lollipops, sweets, tablecloths and many more.

The inside parts of Karls sells and gives you all sort of flavors presented for your eyes and nose. Especially the main one which acts like a entrance and exit from the park. Here you can for sure find something that suits your senses. It’s just magic. I for example bought myself some strawberry rom, chocolate thing aka Nutella and strawberry jam with vanilla flavor. It’s so amazingly tasty. Karls have really found their market. They have 7 different parks in Germany. It seems like they have filled a market that I’ve never thought would be possible to fill. Especially since I am used to the Norwegian strawberries in the summer and Karls promotes its strawberries quite a lot!


photosource: Distrita – Inside the walls are covered with so many different tea stuff it’s quite amazing sight

Do not forget Karls strawberries on the way out

Now we have been writing a lot about the attractions, the food and things that you can do and buy. But it is strawberries that this theme park is aiming at. The jam that I bought with strawberries and vanilla taste is amazing. The rom too, but the strawberries alone isn’t too magic. For Norwegians that is used to one of worlds most tasty strawberries, Karls ones didn’t satisfy. They aren’t bad! Just make myself clear there, but they aren’t that special! They are like Belgian strawberries for me.

How to get to the Karls in Koserow, Germany

The one that we tested is in Koserow, Germany and is easy to find either you come from Berlin in the west or from Swinoujscie in Poland in the east, because this park sits just next to the UBB-Bahn (local train on Usedom, Germany island) station with the same name. The easiest way however is to reach it from Swinoujscie in Poland. This northern part of Europe where Germany and Poland have its area, people tend to understand less English. So, be aware! However, with this map below we hope that you will find it. But if you goto, you can also check if another Karls park is nearer where you are in Germany especially.

[osm_map_v3 map_center=”54.045,14.001″ zoom=”15″ width=”100%” height=”450″ ]


photosource: – UBB-Bahn railway takes you to Karls in Koserow. The theme park sits next to the train station

So, except for the strawberries themselves. Go and explore Karls! Enjoy a great day with family and kids! It’s worth it. This park is mostly only known by Germans, but for tourists visiting this part of Germany. Now you know about this theme park and maybe you have a time for it too. Especially if you have kids.

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