If you haven’t been to Stralsund. Then you should think of going there next summer. This is a tiny one but at the same time, a very interesting town with a population of just 60.000. But don’t worry. Its big enough to have some of the Germans most beautiful architecture. It is a very interesting town in the northern part of Germany which can relax your mind and soul. Here is why we at Distrita recommends you to visit it.

Stralsund is a Magical town in the Northern part of GermanyReach Stralsund by train or boat

To reach Stralsund you can either take a train from various places in Germany such as Berlin and Rostock. You can also reach Stralsund by taking UBB Bahn from Swinoujscie in Poland to it or from any of the other northern located German villages.

If you are thinking of going from Swinoujscie. Our advice is to look at the timetables when the trains go to Stralsund as not every train goes there. But every hour there is a train between Swinoujscie in Poland and Stralsund in Germany and back.

Including having a nice train connection. Stralsund also got a nice connection to Trelleborg in Sweden. But that connection is a short train ride away. But this train journey is worth it as the tracks go onto the majestic Rügendammbrücke (Rügen Bridge) which is Germany’s largest bridge that connects Stralsund with Rügen Island. The water underneath is from the Baltic Sea.

Stralsund is a Magical town in the Northern part of GermanyHuge Ozeaneum in Stralsund is worth visiting alone

Stralsund is a very nice looking town with old architecture. The town center consists of an old church with a huge area near it where kids can get a bath in the middle of it. A fountain gives the children time of their life. Since 2002, Stralsund’s old town with its rich heritage is honored as a UNESCO World Heritage, along with Wismar in Mecklenburg.

But the old town isn’t the most interesting thing to visit for tourists in Stralsund. It is the Ozeaneum which sits on the border with the sea. Ozeaneum is a public aquarium in the city of Stralsund. It is a huge main attraction of the German Oceanographic Museum (Deutsches Meeresmuseum), arguably one of the three largest institutions of its kind in Europe. Here you can see and meet lots of fish types. Children have lots to see and toys to play with there too. A relaxing touristic place that is made for the whole family.

Delicious ice cream served in the old town of Stralsund

Except for very nice architecture in the old town and the Ozeaneum. The old town also got some very nice shopping streets. They are narrow and nice to walk in. Parts of the streets is made so its easier to walk with a stroller.

But what you might not know. The ice cream in Stralsund is really delicious! You can find many of the ice cream places near the shopping streets. If there is a reason to go to Stralsund this is it. Delicious and worth every coin you have. They really look and taste as good as when this town was part of the communistic country DDR.

Stralsund is a Magical town in the Northern part of Germany

Reach the old town by walking instead of taking the bus

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Once you have arrived at Stralsund Hauptbahnhof (central station in German) with the train from Berlin or Swinoujscie. You just follow the road the main road to the right for just 370 meters. You can choose which of the sides you walk on but if you cross the street. You can see very nice nature and fountains on the Moorteich lake. It looks like it is manmade but I am not sure?

Stralsund is a Magical town in the Northern part of Germany

The entrance to the old town is easy to spot as the roads there don’t use asphalt but small rocks. There is a bigger road crossing before it starts. Once you reach the cross and walks over to the old town. Then you are at the correct place in Stralsund. From here, just follow the streets.

Stralsund isn’t a big city but we recommend you to use a map service on your phone. The old town got many small streets so you can easily get lost if you don’t have a nose the understands directions. So if you don’t have any plans for this summer. Maybe Stralsund is a place which you want to visit? Distrita thinks its a worthy visit.


Source: Distrita Own Experience – Photosource: Pixabay