The life of Napoleon Bonaparte come to television in the perspective of the iconic filmmaker Stanley Kubrick.
Steven Spielberg miniseries prepared based on a script written by Kubrick and he never was able to film, as Lincoln said the creator of the Canal +.
“I am currently developing a screenplay by Stanley Kubrick, for a miniseries, not a movie, about the life of Napoleon,” Spielberg said, according to an AFP report. “Kubrick wrote the screenplay in 1961, long ago,” said
Although he said he worked on the project with the family of Kubrick, Spielberg did not specify if he was directing the series or just produce.
When devised the project, asked British filmmaker Anthony Burgess, author of the novel A Clockwork Orange, Kubrick-adapted successfully for writing a book about Napoleon in order to bring it to the screen. However, he was disappointed and abandoned the idea in the 1970s. Then he died in 1999, after the filming of Eyes Wide Shut.
Spielberg and Kubrick worked with the family in a project is not completed by the author of 2001: A Space Odyssey: Artificial Intelligence futuristic fantasy.

Director Steven Spielberg poses during a photocall to promote his movie 'The Adventures Of Tintin, The Secret of The Unicorn' in Paris