Almost everyone knows Star Wars and now a new movie is heading towards cinemas everywhere in the world. The legendary Harrison Ford will also act!

Desert planet called Jakku is added

A new desert planet that has been shown in a previous teaser trailer is not Tatooine known from the previous Star Wars movies, but a new planet named Jakku. Here you will meet several newcomers, including Rey (played by Daisey Ridley) and Finn (played by John Boyega). Everything can be seen in the trailer below. (article continue below)

The images in this new teaser trailer, shows the wreckage of a Star Destroyer ship in the sand. It is now clear that this film takes full 30 years after the sixth film.

Glimpses of a broken Darth Vader mask, new Stormtrooper soldiers and some quick space fight scenes in Millennium Falcon is also included, before Han Solo (played by Harrison Ford) and Chewbacca (played by Peter Mayhew) will exit.

Along with producent Kathleen Kennedy, the actors John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Oscar Isaac, Mark Hamill, Peter Mayhew, Carrie Fischer, Anthony Daniels, R2D2 and newcomer BB-8.

This movie will become a upcoming blockbuster film for sure. Star Wars: The Force Awakens will premiere in December this year and you can all be sure to read more about it on Distrita before this film hits the cinemas. Is the force going to continue with this new movie? Many questions will be answered this year.