One of the warm days in March! You can feel the warmer temperature by just looking at the picture

It’s April in Oslo, Norway now. It is a time of the year when summer and winter temperatures battles a lot. One week it can be aroun 20C during daytime, while next week it can be -2C and snow. Cherry blossom on the trees seems to be in high activity in New York and Japan, but in Oslo it seems that the winter have managed to win over the summer last few days.

Summer one week, Winter other week

On 26th of March 2017, Oslo had 20.9C as the highest temperature. So, flowers and trees started to bloom. However! The Deadly frost in Oslo, Norway! This morning when walking to Distrita office, it was -2C! Brrr! And, with forecast that I checked because of this article is now saying that Oslo will get yet another snow this evening.

Same place but today. Much colder feeling for sure and the ice on that car front window says it all!

So! Now, you know that the spring in Oslo can change pretty much. March month was quite warm as described and many of the days in March had temps over 10C. For me, that is perfect biking weather for me. Once it is below 10C, I don’t enjoy biking because of chilly temp wind. However, many Norwegians loves to bike even when its snow. But not me!

The Deadly frost in Oslo delayed Cherry Blossom

It seemed like the Cherry Blossom in Oslo, would happen earlier this year in March. The warm weather sort of tricked many as it gave some very high temps. But March and April months here upnorth is unpredictable. You never know what kind of weather you will get as both winter and summer battles a lot. But the hope for early Cherry Blossom this years spring, will not happend. With the chilly temps, it seems like it won’t happen at all until May. The trees actually started the process, but when the deadly frost in Oslo arrived. It managed to delay the cherry blossom for now. Even the spring only flowers seemed to be totally gone this morning on my way to the office.


Spring flowers in the warmer March temp that is gone

Sapporo in Japan forecast says first bloom will start on 1st of May

In the last couple of years, the Cherry Blossom in southern part of Norway seems to happen in April-May period. In Sapporo in Japan, which is on level with Oslo geographically. Seems to get the very first bloom on 1st of May this year, with full bloom around 5th of May. So, maybe Oslo will get it around the same time this year? Reason for me to mention Japan in this article, is because of Cherry Blossom is a really big thing over there that I’ve learned from watching Only In Japan GO channel.

Here is a list of when Cherry Blossom happened in Sapporo, Hokkaido

Year Date of first bloom Date of full bloom
2016 25-Apr 1-May
2015 22-Apr 26-Apr
2014 29-Apr 1-May
2013 13-May 17-May
2012 1-May 4-May
2011 7-May 12-May
2010 7-May 14-May
2009 1-May 4-May
2008 21-Apr 25-Apr
2007 4-May 8-May

Source: JNTO


The Deadly frost in Oslo

The frost made it possible to write this for you on my way to Distrita office this morning

The Deadly frost in Oslo

Here is the evidence of Cherry Blossom start. My mobile camera ain’t that good, but the frost managed to stop to process. Amazing how the trees manages to survive though. Hope to see warmer temps again soon!

Here is a gallery showing pictures from warm March month until way more colder April month for sure

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