They can also be fun for travelers.

Nature and wildlife – diversity and dominance of flora and fauna. Culture – depth, diversity and accessibility of local culture tribal villages / medieval , etc.

Aventura – excitement factor of topography and river location . Possibility of activities – rafting, wildlife watching , hiking , biking, etc. .

Volga River (Russia )

Panoramic Beauty : 3 / Nature and wildlife : 2 / Culture: 3 / Aventura : 2 / Possibility of activities 2

According to an old Russian proverb , knowing Russia is knowing the Volga.

Winding through the heart of the nation, the “Mother Volga” home to 11 of the 20 largest Russian cities on its banks , which explains its popularity among cruisers.

Most tourists sailing vessels by a section of the Volga just north of Moscow, before traveling to St. Petersburg by a series of interconnected waterways , visiting the larger towns and picturesque villages on the banks , decorated with Kremlins historical and churches and brightly colored onion -shaped domes .

The Volga is frozen three months a year , so it is best visited during the summer months .