What is your favorite Spanish food? Shrimp with garlic, stuffed mussels? Do you love ham croquettes and spicy potatoes? Spanish cuisine is the best in the world and here I reveal it for you. Set your taste feelings into max.

Pujol Mexican Restaurant Recognized as one of the Top 20 in the World

Monday the Mexican restaurant Pujol was recognized as one of the top 20 in the world, according to the annual ranking published by the magazine Restaurant. But who swept the awards was Spain, which won three of the first 10 places with El Celler de Can Roca, in the first place; Mugaritz in fourth and Arzak in eighth.

No other country registered more than one restaurant at the top of the list.

You don’t need to be a gourmet director of an organization of gastronomy to notice that Spanish cooking is on the rise. It is simply delicious. Every spice is perfect made. But we have a chef on hand, why not let tell us the story?

“Exports of Spanish cuisine to the rest of the world recorded an increase of 11.9% in 2012 and a total value of more than 30,000 million euros, which represents 16% of the total exports of Spain”, says Inés Menéndez de Luarca, Director of gastronomy in ICEX Spain export and investment.

Spanish food, everywhere

Thanks to its reputation as one of the most modern cities, it is not surprising that Hong Kong has become a favorable place for Spanish cuisine. The expected Catalunya Hong Kong restaurant was opened in mid-April, with the announcement that the tables were completely reserved until May.

Catalunya Hong Kong joins the fierce competition with other popular Spanish places of the city as 22 Ships, the former executive chef of the Maze, Jason Atherton; View 62 of the disciple of Ferran Adrià, Paco Roncero; Boqueria (probably know the brother of tapas in NYC bar) and saw chef Sergi Arola, Michelin-star Cool.

Despite the rise in the offer, the demand for Spanish food seems unlimited, with experts hailed as Ferran Adrià, elBulli, restaurant San Pellegrino world’s 50 best restaurants was placed on the list five times.

Under the command of the Barcelona chef Alain Devahive Tolosa – veteran of elBulli, the Catalunya serves authentic Spanish cuisine with a modern touch.

But Hong Kong is not the only city that has a demand insatiable food prepared by Spanish chefs.

“In countries such as Brazil, Hong Kong, Poland and Great Britain, in the last five years the Spanish chefs have partnered with foreign investors to open Spanish restaurants in different cities: London, New York, Melbourne”, says Menéndez de Luarca.

Kitchen in evolution

In the gastronomic capitals of London and New York, critics praised the evolution of modern Spanish cuisine.

The New York Times has pointed out that the Spanish cuisine is an important trend thanks to its intense flavors and the technical prowess of its major chefs.

In March, the opening in New York of the modern Spanish restaurant Manzanilla – the founder of the Boqueria Yann de Rochefort, owned and directed by the acclaimed Spanish chef Dani García – caused great excitement.

The award-winning chef Andrés José is credited have taken the idea of caps to United States; operates four restaurants Jaleo in the area of Washington, D.C. and Las Vegas.

The hotel of luxury of London, Halkin, recently opened his own Basque restaurant Ametsa with Arzak Instruction (the name is a bit larger than some tapas).

“The scene of the Spanish cuisine (in London) is evolving… food lovers are still waiting for innovative cuisine with local products and the best quality”, said a spokesman for the hotel.

In Singapore, only last year opened 10 tapas bars, including Catalunya Singapore the same Chef: Alain Devahive Tolosa.

“When we were supplying and investigating the trend before inaugurating the Catalunya Singapore, we could see a big trend of Spanish cuisine also in Hong Kong,” said Tolosa. “Why we opened the Catalunya Hong Kong (little) after Catalunya Singapore”.

“We have seen a big change in Spanish culinary scene from the traditional scene of tapas that existed when the first Spanish restaurant opened 21 years ago,” says Anna Chau, operational Director of the King Parrot group in Hong Kong.

“Now people expect a great presentation, new methods of preparation and skilful details instead of just the simple kitchen Spanish”.

The King Parrot group has four Spanish restaurants in Hong Kong, including the View 62 of Paco Roncero which opened in 2012 and his 21-year-old, El Cid Spanish logo boat.

673x6731271097125_espanoles2It will surpass French and Italian cuisines?

Those seeking an explanation for the rise of caps only have to observe the noisy tables.

“Form in which covers allow a group of friends to share aid to boost its popularity”, says Chau, the Director of the King Parrot group. “In recent years, people seek not only the food and the atmosphere. Frequently we see coming to groups of eight or 10 people to eat.”

Menéndez de Luarca attributed the rise of the Spanish cuisine around the world to the culinary revolution that began in Spain.

“The evolution of the restaurant sector in Spain – the emergence of a modern kitchen built on tradition and fresh products of first quality and the international reputation of Ferran Adrià and many who followed him collaborated to the success of the Spanish food in the last 10 years,” says Menéndez de Luarca.

“Spanish food has been the leader of world cuisine over the past 15 years,” said Tolosa. “Spanish and Catalan cuisine have reached a higher level than the other kitchens, French and Italian. “Just look at the list of the ten best restaurants in the world… three of them are Spanish”.

The most obvious example may be elBulli, in which Tolosa he worked previously. The restaurant of roses, Catalonia, closed temporarily, was the leader of the culinary revolution known for molecular gastronomy.

“A culinary revolution is not to create just 100 new dishes, but in creating a new way of cooking,” Tolosa said. “He started in Spain and it has given to Spanish cuisine excellent publicity.”