You may think that burgers and pizza is the best food to eat or even make during the week. But that is totally wrong! Spaghetti Bolognes dish is so much better to make, because it is so much easier to make for everyday life. You might have lots of things to do in the week, and then making Spaghetti Bolognese is such a relief while it tastes so amazingly good. Also if you make bigger portions, you may even save money because you can bring some of leftovers to work or eat for dinner the next day also.

Making the easiest Spaghetti Bolognese version is very easy!

1. Steak some meat with pepper and salt
2. Pour some tomatoe sauce or just cut many tomatoes into the pan
3. Cook up spaghetti. If you choose the fiber ones, it is even healthier
4. Put the steaked meat on a plate and pour your cooked spaghetti over it. You can just use a fork for that.

And then in the end, if you have bought parmasan cheese, just pour it over the dish itself and the dish will taste great for both your or if you have made it for your family. The kids will love it.

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