In the southern part of Iceland near Ölfus, there’s a stranded whale on the shore. It is decided by the local Icelandic government located in the area that the whale will be buried.

There have been 83 whales stuck on beaches so far this year over 34 separate occasions at the shore of the Icelandic coast. While stranded whales are not uncommon, it is unusual for a whale to beach itself at such an accessible location and this made this topic a special one.

The decision to get the stranded whale buried this week is to give people interested from far and wide the chance to observe the whale one last time before its carcass is disappeared. The authorities from Ölfus, nearest to the location of the whale, encouraged people to visit the site because it is a rather accessible location. But remember that if you go to Iceland, you need to make sure that you’ve packed your trip right. In this article, I’ve made some great advice regarding going to Iceland. Be prepared and do it quickly as the whale gets buried this week.

It is important to respect nature and whales are important sea creatures. Why they get stranded is a big question.